Welcome to the Cyberpunk Dystopia

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  1. honestly the aesthetic of the west right now is far more communism-in-the-balkans than cyberpunk. if im going to live in our current-day hell, at the very least i'd like the gorgeous neon aesthetic that's supposed to come with a cyberpunk world as the backdrop.

  2. We've been in a cyberpunk dystopia since at least the 2000's. in the UK since the 90's, maybe even 80's. Because there's more to cyberpunk than aesthetic. Other touchstones of a cyberpunk dystopia include
    Surveillance everywhere – from CCTV to Smart TV's with cameras that are always on, always watching, always transmitting, and can be bricked remotely.
    Unemployment caused by automation – Touch screen orders for Mcdonalds, automated burger-flippers on the way. Self-driving cars making deliveries. THE USELESS ROBOT COP….
    CEO/BANKER Politicians – Trump, just off the top of my head
    Busybody Censorship – from Tipper Gore with the PMRC, To Jack Thompson and anita sarkeesian …. the list goes on
    It's just publicly known that corporations and politicians are corrupt and lie to your face
    Everyone knows about the propaganda and distrust everything, to the point of rejecting whatever view the governments or corporations say, no matter what that is.
    Conspiracy theories are common knowledge, some serious, some jokes – jet fuel/steel beams, there's something in the water, BIRDS AREN'T REAL, Flat earth, the annunaki, atlantis, lemuria, doggerland.
    Old conspiracies are userped by the powers that be – guy fawkes, becomes guy fawkes night, becomes V for vendetta.

    the revolution will be synthesized – Fight club, V for vendetta, Mr Robot, deus ex, cyberpunk 2077… by indulging the public in fictional revolution and giving the public a taste, they sap the will to act from the public. Alex Jones is a CIA disinfo agent and is actually ex-comedian Bill Hicks, whos' death was faked by the CIA, and the real alex jones was assassinated for getting too close to the truth, and now "jones" launders money for the CIA with the sale of water filters & other junk that's almost always out of stock, while providing close-to-the-truth-but-not-actually conspiracy stories that leaked elsewhere and then associates them all with crazy so noone takes the real issue seriously. Hicks does this because he was bored of life, and a complete nihilist.

    Robotic killing machines – Predator drones, quad-copters with guns & grenades, a new type of missile that doesn't explode but unfolds into a pile of blades, the new autonomous chinese drone that can stay in the air indefinitely on solar power and launch lethal drones to take out a target autonomously without human command…. it's all real now…

    the lower classes are pitted against eachother and themselves by arbitrary distinctions like race, religion, political ideology, musical preference, artistic preference, subculture, hobby, sexuality, all stoked by a corporate media class.

    Technology that is supposed to make life more convenient actually makes it worse, and less safe, for example, smart-homes, smart appliances, smart-TV, GIVING AMAZON THE KEYS TO YOUR GARAGE AND GOOGLE ACCESS TO YOUR GODDAMN THERMOSTAT.

    And of course, Robotic arms & eyes & shit, but it's only for the wealthy elites and military to have access to, everyone else has such poor healthcare that their hair is falling out and they can't even take care of their teeth, and they're all either starving or obese, can't afford health care. But it's okay, because you can 3d print yourself some plastic junk and oh no they're printing guns and they actually work what do we do about this time to find the justification to ban 3d printers from being owned by the citizens, make sure they have a remote killswitch or back door in them, or make a remote server that processes projects for them to make it 'easier' for them, but then flag/ban anything dangerous….

    This is all cyberpunk AF, and it's all been real for far longer than any of us care to admit…

  3. Dan Andrews the Premier of Victoria Aust, is from the labor party "staying apart keeps us together" he also signed up to the belt & road project without consult, found out during covid (the Prime Minister (liberal) overturned it)

  4. Anytime the state is encouraging the riots that destroy private property and hurt regular people you have to know they are completely evil. The left is pure evil, everywhere in everyway, leftism is evil period.

  5. when the movie about current day is made, i want Callum to be cast as the overly-friendly AI that was programmed to be the face/voice of public service announcements.

  6. The utter stupidity of people, to have such an abundance of history and cautionary fiction about these exact circumstances, yet fall for it immediately…very dissapointing

  7. I live in Victoria and it's not unusual to see police helicopters flying around at night when we're under lockdown. They've been a few times they've had all their lights off and the only reason I've seen them is because of their silhouette cast against clouds (and the obvious noise of their engine). Don't know what they're up to, but I don't read of any arrests in our area. If it's a normal crime you see the searchlights from the helicopter, but not these ones.

  8. "Unlawful Gatherings are NOT permitted* But some Gatherings are more unlawful than others, comrades "

    * Unless a criminal who happens to be black gets killed by a cop who happens to be white…in another country.