Well That Didn’t Last Long… Joe Biden Can’t Celebrate His “Historic Economy” Any Longer.


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  1. This is a direct result of Democrat and more specifically, Obama/Biden policies. 1st, the 2008 ‘Too big to fail’ bank bailout and failure to investigate and prosecute financial crimes. 2nd, the continuance of the 20 year war and disastrous departure from Afghanistan with the largest loss of military equipment to the enemy in history to the tune of $86 billion, not to mention thousands of lost American and allied lives and maiming’s. 3rd, the Democrat technocratic state bureaucrats in the Health administration, such as Fauci (who should’ve been fired, investigated and prosecuted by now) the inept CDC, the over-reaction of the entire Democrat party and their social media allies to the authoritarian Covid regime, but more directly, the Democrat governors who kept their cities locked down with a deliberate goal of crushing small business and discouraging interpersonal contact to diminish public discussion and ramp up unwarranted fear of a virus which presented 99% of the public with no significant risk of harm. Enough circumstantial evidence exists to conclude this virus was intentionally released by China, and very well might likely have been a tool of the ruling elite behind the government designed to initiate severe societal change and create an unconstitutional voting environment of vulnerable mail in voting to override the legitimate election of Donald Trump for president, who would’ve never stood by and watched these wretched people destroy so many lives by attacking the fossil fuel energy industry in favor of the ‘renewable energy’ SCAM. Solar and wind technologies rob energy from the system to build and are unreliable and impractical. Look at GERMANY. They took their nuclear energy offline and built windmills where there’s no wind. Now they’re funding the Russian’s invasion of Ukraine, which the Democrat’s and Neo-Cons (the uni-party) PROVOKED. NATO should be disbanded just as Trump said. Look at NATO’s creep right into Russia’s backyard after the fall of the USSR. Who’s the aggressor here? It will be blood on THEIR hands if we get nuked. DC corruption is DESTROYING this nation and its mere existence is threatening our birthright to a free nation, which has rapidly become radically less free under a Bush/Obama/Biden security state and it finally showed its fangs fir all to see under the Biden administration when his ‘patience’ for us was exhausted over vaccine trust and he began overstepping the authority of the executive branch by issuing mandates and firing Federal employees, colluding with large corporations to force mass ‘vaccinations’ (gene therapy). Dictionary’s even changed the definitions of ‘vaccine’ and ‘vaccinated’ to fit the ineffective mRNA cocktail they’re now trying to force on kids. They downplayed the higher than usual vaccine related deaths and complications and ignored natural immunity and they clearly wanted to springboard off of Covid to establish a social credit scoring system, beginning with digital vaccine verifications, with systems built to include health information within a digital wallet and are working toward a digital currency they can monitor and control remotely in order to crush undesired behaviors. They’re abuse of power is staggering. I’ll likely get kicked off YouTube for telling the truth right now. They’re going after guns and are clearly afraid of what’s coming for them, having ABUSED THEIR POWER, GUTTED THE WEALTH OF AMERICAN CITIZENS THROUGH INFLATION, WITH THE ELITE HAVING ADVANCED INFORMATION TO EXPLOIT US AND DESTROYED OUR NATION, TAKING THE REST OF THD WORLD WITH IT. THEY SHOULD BE BERY AFRAID.

  2. So according to Don Lemon, all of this is just fine. Trump is the one who needs to answer for things and Republicans are the problem- while Biden and his family commit crimes on a near daily basis at this point and out country is sinking, and Biden is just fine.

  3. What a pity the people voting in the 2020 primaries that followed New Hampshire did not look at the NH results! Old Joe coming in 5th place should have told them something. But no, they all followed Jim Clyburn's advice & voted for a person who should have retired around 2012 or 2016 at the very latest.

  4. I remember the good old days, back when I had some extra money to eat out or buy a video game. Now I struggle with the necessities. Prayers out for everyone else out there who're in the same boat with me. 🙏

  5. Well when you have done absolutely nothing except create laws that put blacks in prison for crack when his son is the biggest crackhead and was dishonorably discharged from the Military for being a crackhead and selling out America to out enemies and being the biggest loser in the history of America shocker

  6. Had some guy on fakebook tell me that the economy is great and i don't understand economics. Lol. I understand that my paycheck goes less than half of what it used to go. My bills are getting crazy for the same services. Unlike the left, i had to work through the entire shutdown yet never got a single stimulus check. I did me. Now even at 60 hours a week im falling behind. Thats economics. I told the dude simple math says he's an idiot

  7. I don't care what that White House spokeswoman (or whatever she wants to be called) Jean-Pierre or whatever her name is says. That's become so irrelevant to everything, nobody really cares what the White House says anymore aside from partisan fanatics and the media looking to sell detergent and mouthwash to viewers.

  8. Oh it's historic alright.
    We all know it's on purpose. The death of America was started long ago and Biden was here to finish what was to be Hillary's job. Trump put a stop to that. We need a new currency for this country and quick.

  9. the problem with the politicians of the 21st century is they think recession is something that can be "Managed" like a "Managed Decline". When you try to control the decline you just end up making everything 100x worse than they would have been if market forces were just allowed to take over.

  10. We're stronger economically than we ever have been with 9.1% inflation highest it's ever been but remember it's Putin's fault Putin did this 🐂 💩. Biden did this Nancy pelosi did this the Democrat party did this

  11. I don't know why or how but here in Florida some places we're paying less than $4 a gallon but we are a red state and we have a governor who cares about our state who cares about his constituents even the ones that don't like them he still cares about them so all you in blue States keep paying 5 to $10 for a gallon of gas while we here in Florida pay less than $4 a gallon

  12. How long will Americans wait before throwing Biden out of the White House? The United States of America is haemeouraging billions of dollars daily.Inflation will be at 10% in days.Why wait ? Do soething

  13. Powell's inaction comes behind a mixture of experience (he's not good at his job), stupidity (he's not able to get out of his own way, nor will he admit he's clueless) and the big one is fear.

    Fear because historically guys like him end up suicided and or have 8 feet of rebar shoved up through the anus.

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