Well… This Backfired Spectacularly For Them lol


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  1. We need to save the minority democrats, we gotta pay each one of them 10k just for breathing air. We gotta subsidize all their institutions and media's. If you don't do it at your own expense then your a bigot, racist, transphobic, cis white privileged facist. Also I'm a victim and have .000001% minority in my ancestory, so I'm also oppressed. I deserve to be given free stuff, and constant hand outs for my genius ideas that I got from my other fellow geniuses on Twitter. The evil republican govt is it out to get us, we have to stop Republicans as we drain them of their money. Now retweet this and praise me, or I'll get you censored and then you'll be reported for hate speech.

    This is how democrats and liberals are sounding more and more by the day.

    Just balkanize this country already. We're only united in name and nothing else.

  2. In what way will it help me? It will tax me lol. I'm not in debt. And if I was I would never want somebody else to pay my debt. I'm a big boy. Its mine and my problem. I want to pay it and suffer for it. It's my personal problem. It's why I don't carelessly get into debt making bad choices

  3. If the schools who obviously misled the students into these overly expensive student loans want to pay the money back to the government, I am all for it. If the government wants to steal tax payer dollars to forgive these loans, I am against it.

  4. Joe Biden: I'm gonna fix every bad thing I've done!

    Me: Your spending more money on another country rather than our own…

    Also Joe: Well blame it on Putin then!

    Me: He's done.

  5. Don't really understand why people are so shocked that commissar Biden did this. It's all part of the Marxist playbook. Totally destroy then "rebuild". Do some research, look into Hegelian dialectical philosophies.

  6. You have a meme of a man wearing a Ukrainian Flag eating money, and calling that inflation. Hmmmm inflation is a world wide issue at this point. You're parroting MAGA trash BS! Oops who's a parrot?

  7. I didn't go to an Ivy league school. Jmmm she's lying about me and all the other degree holders. But this is the same woman who claimed Jewish space lasers started forest fires. Same woman says there was no attack on Jan 6th, but also wants to free the Trump Trash who are in jail, while calling them BLM and ANTIFA.

  8. O, Congress didn't just decide to shut your business down. Infact many states didn't have any shutdowns at all. Oh, and once again there is already an apparatus for student loan forgiveness. But when a Democrat does something good people like you will try to stop them!

  9. Ha ha ha ha critical thought? OK. You have yet to make an argument beyond calling us seals! Meanwhile you support the party of Greg Abbot, Matt Gaetz, Donald Trump. You call us ridiculous for wanting the economy to grow? I call you ridiculous for supporting pedos and morons. You actually align yourself with the people who say there are no pronouns in the constitution!

  10. Government? Um your name is Liberal Hivemind. The PPP loans were done in 2020 that means you think Trump screwed up, but for some reason you're only claiming Liberals are wrong! That's what I call stupid!

  11. Hey, he put up something truthful! The forgiveness will free up money, and that money will be put back into the economy, and cause growth. Oops. Once again a Republican is confused by 9th grade econ!

  12. See the few people that are actually struggling to pay your loans because you took a stupid degree like Political Science or a science degree that doesn't really generate a job, you are on an upward career trajectory!!! Join the smart people, leave life. It isn't worth living.

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