Well This Is F*cking Terrifying

Davos is back! So what are the latest dystopian ideas being discussed by Klaus and his WEF billionaire buddies as they plot a better world for all of them… sorry, us?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Carbon footprint my assssssss!!!what's next, we are already sipping our drinks through soggy cardboard, meanwhile, manufacturers are layering plastic, wrapping our salads. I'm already licking my plate clean because the aholes have doubled the price of our groceries and screw the subway. They continue to raise gas prices for countless reasons without lowering when each so called crisis is over.
    There was a time when the government screwed us secretly because the majority were too smart to be fooled. But seems it's apparent now why they were trying to dump our children down in the classrooms.

  2. Love it 👍 well done Russell. Spot on again. If you really want to know about Renewable/green energy – the truth.
    Please watch "Planet of the Humans" Jeff Gibbs. Absolutely heartbreaking 💔 we need coal, and it ain't that bad .. suprisingly

  3. I hate that scientifically illiterate laymen are charged with making decision based on alleged science.

    They are incapable of vetting the science and incapable of interpreting it. Climate change is not a valid science, so there's that.

    The blind leading the blind. Humanity is doomed.

  4. The average individual person the world over have virtually no measurable carbon footprint.
    The Schwab elites DO.. Private jets, private helicopters, Armoured vehicle escorts, 30 bedroom 40 bathroom homes DO, Dining out with 30 course meals DO etc, etc, etc.
    Big business, big tech and their desire for irrepairable throwout, upgraded, devices DO..
    I could go on but you get my point – or not..
    Who the FUK, do they think they are ??

  5. The temperature and the carbon levels have gone up and down and up and down over and over again throughout earth’s history. Solar flare activity or none, underwater volcanic eruptions or not, magnetic pole shift or not, tectonic shift or not. Human effects are minute, almost nil. Wind energy = slaughter of birds and butterflies,and mining dangerous minerals for batteries. Batteries that are harmful and expensive to dispose of. Wind also unreliable. “ solar pays for itself to in 15 yrs., but they only last 8-10 yrs. Get rid of petroleum, get rid of ALL plastic and rubber; dish detergent bottles,shampoo,windex bottles,ketchup and mustard, soda, etc. all to be in glass bottles. Bike tires and brakes no more. No more tarps, plastic toys and games, c.d.s,cell phones, p.c.s,computers. Look around your house and see what’s made of plastic and ask, “ can it be made of wood or glass?

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