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Written by YoungRippa59


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  1. The culling of our population has begun. Children being jabbed, who does not die from this at an early age and survive will be burdened with many medical issues, eg. boys will not be able to produce sperm or girls bear children one day. And they will sit with possible seizures, and other medical conditions for the rest of their lives. Parents who allow their children to be jabbed must realize that their children's natural immunity system is being totally destroyed.

  2. They have said from early on that the vaccines don't stop transmission. That's why they kept pushing the masks even if you're vaccinated. The vaccines don't stop transmission they make it less likely you'll get sick from it.
    That being said, while I think people should get the vaccine, it should still be a personal choice so I am very much against mandating it.

  3. My state claims a 73 percent vaccinatin rate, yet also claims Covid infection rate is climbing, hospitals are full, deaths are off the charts BS etc. Governor is forcing everyone to wear masks, social distancing, don't breath etc…..Stupid Science.

  4. I live in Wexford the next county to Waterford I am not Irish and I am unjabbed untested and unmasked the loczls hera are totally like hypnotised with propaganda it is so intense th e govt has been caught paying radio stations hundreds of thousands of euro to pump the narrative I dont leave the house much as the fear is surreal and I prefer not to get abuse so for 2 years I have literally had to live as a recluse

  5. the only thing that matters is Pfizer Revenue….they have to keep the lies going long enough to get universal mandates….and they have to get that in place before the Novovax Vaccine comes out.

  6. "Fully Vaccinated accounted for 83% of Covid-19 Deaths (England)" – The Expose (5 Nov 2021). If you're not.getting the vax consider Vitamin D evidence shows people dieing have low Vitamin D.

  7. Keep this up my man ive been saying all this to many of my friends for the last 18/20 months mostly to no avail. You give me hope. Absolute common sense and reason. Greetings from England.

  8. Here in Ireland it looks like people are realising that, authorities don’t even bother being convincing anymore, even so all become numb by restrictions imposed by government. They got people numb. Like a boiling frog.

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