We’re Gonna Have To Pay The Price of War “As Long As It Takes”

Biden really went ahead and admitted it. Gas prices are not going to come down until the war is over. God knows when that will be…

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  1. I realize joke Talibidens handlers haven't told him the executive orders killing American energy are the reason for soaring gas prices, since we're not exporting it anymore, as far as Ukraine, we're FUNDING Putin's war by buying gas from Russia MORONS!!!

  2. We are doing nothing to help Ukraine aside from money. If Russia wanted, they could take Ukraine in a matter of hours. They're playing you and its working wonders. On the flip side, democrat support has only dropped since the issues with Ukraine, at this rate, democrats may have a hard time getting elected in democrat sancutaries. Especially if things continue.

  3. Notice how he creeps forward as he answers the question, highlighting the fear of encroaching communist authoritarianism by giving an example of it. "Do what you're told, citizen, and rejoice, as you pay for my mistakes and I am rewarded for your hard work."

    This will not end well.

  4. The sanctions have had no impact on Putin's ability or his resolve to continue his invasion. Why?
    Because his military still has everything it needs and he has been minimally impacted by the sanctions. Maybe he can't go on vacation to where he wants to or maybe it might be more difficult to buy some of the luxury items that he wants but largely he is still a billionaire living in the lap of luxury.
    Some of you might say, "Well the average Russian is suffering! They will vote him out of office!"
    If you think that they have fair elections there in Russia, you are extremally gullible. He has no fear of being ousted.
    So if that is the case, why continue the sanctions? Millions upon millions of American and Russian citizens are suffering because of these sanctions. In fact its not just them, it is people all over the world suffering because of these sanctions.

  5. Gee, if Biden really wanted to punish Russia economically, wouldn't he get American oil pumping like crazy so that Russia couldn't rake money in hand over fist with oil at peak prices?

  6. Ukraine has no relevance for the US beyond Hunter Biden. They kept the Russians from controlling oil in Europe, but since the US could drill and export it's own oil there's no reason to support them or even be in NATO in the first place. Of course, the politicians make so much money off the international oil trade they'd never want us to be self sufficient.

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