We’re not complying with Biden’s new COVID mandate. Here’s why.

Joe Biden announced a sweeping new federal vaccine mandate that will affect millions of Americans. Large companies must require that employees get vaccinated, or undergo weekly COVID testing. The Daily Wire has chosen to not comply with Biden’s authoritarian nonsense. Here’s why.

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Written by The Daily Wire

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  1. So to be clear your position is essentially: "vaccines are good, they're a great achievement, the covid vaccine is good. But I don't wanna because you can't make me."

    That about right? This is what happens when grown ups still have the petulant mentality of children. Grow up.

  2. So far, three members of my family have contracted Covid. One nearly died. One has lost his sense of smell and has also since developed an auto-immune problem, and the third, a healthcare worker — thank you very much a*&-holes, missed two weeks of work. I hope you don't need her help when you catch it. Feel free to stay home and die quietly. P.S. — the first one decide to get her shots a week before she contracted Covid, and NO you can't catch the disease from the vaccination. The vaccine doesn't contain any live virus. The second caught Covid before the vaccine was available.

  3. The only tyranny here is the tyranny of stupidity. And you are the leader. I bet you'd agree with it if tRump had mandated it. And for you to vilify Dr. Fauci is deplorable. Your scathing rhetoric only belies your fear that a totalitarian regime exists anywhere but in the hearts, minds and actions of tRump loyalists. Do sleep lightly in the bed you just made. You will have no rest for your unspeakable betrayal to the well-being of your countrymen and women. The conspiracies you find are the ones you created. And they do not wash.
    What are your costs? You are spewing falsehoods. It's not your liberties, it is the liberty of the vaccinated over the unvaccinated. You are a wisp of tumult and have zero influence.

  4. I guess you won't complain if your food server with recent exposure to Hep-C refuses to wash their hands after using the toilet, just because someone mandated that they should. After all it's THEIR filthy hand, and who cares if you eat a little infected POOP. Let's do away with all of those mandates, and see how you do living in the 16th century.

  5. Let's try speaking English. Get a vaccine or TEST is not "FORCING" anyone. You have the option, as with any employer requirement for their employees to choose to comply, or as REPUBLICANS used to love to declare — you can go find another job. Damn those pesky unions. REMEMBER ??? Now please wash your hands after using the potty.

  6. NO MORE MANDATES !!! Eat at 'JOE"S SH*T SHACK ' !!! We don't comply with NO friggin' mandates !! Try our Outhouse Special — "Sh*t Sandwich with Hep-C sauce — MMmmm MMmm — it's to DIE FOR !!!!

  7. We should not be forced. I caught covid from nursing home. I did not know about natural protection. So I got both shots. I would not take it because heard that your babies would have a monkey head.

  8. My youngest just finished his education but now can't be hired unless he get vaccinated? Multiple friends who just started their adult lives with new jobs also just got fired! So how exactly does our country move forward if people are denied the right to work!?

  9. Really struggling with this one. I don't support the antivax movement and I don't understand why people wouldn't get the vaccine. From my limited understanding, herd immunity only works if more of us get the vaccine to protect those who are immune compromised and can't get it. At the same time – I had to show not only my vaccine card, but a valid ID to prove it was mine to get into a restaurant last week. Show me your papers – literally. It was really disturbing. Such a complex issue and I cant wrap my head around it. Do we want to give up freedoms that will inevitably never be recovered to save lives? Going against the mandate gives anti vaxers validation. But the mandate impacts so much beyond Corona Virus. Mental health is in the absolute crapper with this stuff. Is there any side that could truly "win"? :/

  10. This won't end with a vaccine requirement. This will be the first mandate of many. Good for the daily wire for standing up. I'll be fired before I comply. Then I'll use civil disobedience then if necessary I'm prepared to water the tree.

  11. We need a leader who can organize a national vaccine mandate walkout!! Nov 24th should be the day we stand together as Americans and tell these clowns in Washington that unless the mandates end we won’t be coming to work on the 29th.

  12. If more businesses would use UVA or UVC light bulbs, we would have already slowed the virus clear down because they kill the virus. We have use them in our hair salon since mid MAY 2020 and have NOT had 1 case of Covid.

  13. Im growing more disappointed in the Daily wire as a someone who adored them Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro.
    You’re at best pandering to the myopic obsessive civil Liberty possessed, right wingers, giving the rest of us non leftists, especially scientifically literate ones who are also like myself and some others, include practicing health care workers, a bad name.
    FFS get vaccinated and wear masks. You don’t get to threaten the rest for us who may not medically able to get vaccinated or those who haven’t got it yet through no fault of their own, out some civil Liberty taken too far. Civil Liberty means you can drink bleach in the privacy of your own home not threaten us by potentially spreading contagious diseases because of your stubborn primitive ignorance

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