We’re not gonna take it!

We’re not gonna take it!
Vic Parliament Occupy Spring Street will go down in history


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  1. singing a song written by a globalist shill who actively supports vaccine mandates, mask mandates, lockdowns and all the isms associated with the Hegelian left. So revolutionary. our ancestors are weeping.

  2. We've been taking it for 18 months and copping it sweet , standing it front of Parliament yelling that aint gonna do much .
    Just take a look how relaxed and layed back the Police are they may aswell be sitting on chairs

  3. That's how the Ukrainians protest turn it into a festival , it attracts more. I am preparing my documents and freedom of information searches. We need to ask why the "health experts" did not advise to boost immune health using proven scientific methods, and vaccinate. They chose just to vaccinate this is bad science. We must sue the senior bureacrats and private entities giving advice . People died

  4. For that one idiot who voted this down.. 30K recorded cases & 915 deaths before the magic potion six months ago.. Now we have 190K recorded cases and 1900 deaths.. We're not gonna take it..!

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