We’re now years in, let’s figure out who was right (Peter Boghossian & Bret Weinstein)

Bret Speaks with Peter Boghossian on a multitude of subjects surrounding wokeism, Covid, and the endpoint of our present course.

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  1. "We were told what the virus was, where it came from, how it behaved, what we needed to do…and all of it was wrong!"
    Not just "wrong", literally concocted!

  2. NWO. They wanted the bio weapon in to 90% of the population. Not to Treat the virus..we the people are their virus the want to kill

  3. A free spirit was asked to join the party . Can a free spirit ever become a member of
    a party ? NO . Tow the party line , follow the party guide lines , agree with party leadership
    role , protect the party at any cost . This where a free spirit dies , for the reward of moving
    up the chain . This is why free spirit hated by the establishment ….

  4. Never trusting government or MSM stands me in good stead 99% of the time. I don’t always know the answer but I sure know, immediately, what is pure bullshit purely by virtue of its source. Sadly I now need to add Doctors to this shit list of known liars.

  5. It would be great if you guys would critical think about who these people are behind the scamdemic. They originally were going to do this in 08 but had the timeline wrong.

  6. The pivotal point is informed consent and nobody is properly informed unless they are some type of certified virologist so I don't see where anybody gave correct consent other than signing a form under duress

  7. I'm sorry if this seems rude, but why did you do this video Bert? I mean I was expecting to get all the information about "what we now know". But your guest keeps interrupting and saying ad nauseum how he can't speak to anything you're talking about. ?????????????? Why is he there? What is going on?

  8. The more we look to the government for guidance in any situation, the more likely we are to be led down the path that is most beneficial for the government. Only the heterodox voices can provide any clarity, because even when a heterodox voice is wrong, we intelligent clear thinkers can gauge it against the orthodoxy and against other heterodox voices and draw rational conclusions. The moment the heterodoxy is silenced or wholesale ridiculed is the moment we know the government is being nefarious.

  9. I will NEVER trust any of our "so called" public health organizations EVER again. NEVER. This whole mess proved to me that the arrogance and hubris of man WILL BE his downfall. A tremendous amount of money and power was achieved by a few despicable players. THIS WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN. A major storm is brewing . . . this pandemic was just the very beginning.

  10. Not only all wrong, but how about the lies about count? About fatalities? Outright lying.
    The reason millions will never listen to anything they have to say is the lying more than the errors, I believe.
    That and the mass epiphany that the FDA's mission is not safe drugs, OSHA's is not safe workplaces, and CDC's is not preventing infectious diseases. Now the world sees them for the controlling, dangerously controlling entities that are all that they exist to be.

  11. "…should be more humble" in delivering their message called: if you don't vaccinate, you will lose your job, will not be allowed to visit your dying parent/s, will not be able to travel, cannot open your mouth about it without being abused, etc. How the fuck can that be "should be more humble about/it?" 🤦🏻‍♀

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