“We’re UNDER SIEGE!” What’s Going On With Australia’s Lockdown?!

Australian’s handling of the lockdown has been described as a “breach of human rights”. What’s going on?
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Written by Russell Brand


  1. I’m a white Australian.
    I live in a town house block and my 3 closest neighbours are middle eastern.
    They are by far the best neighbours I’ve had.
    I work with a lot of middle eastern people, and they too are great.
    I’m one of these people who will not take an experimental vaccine and are about to take leave from work until the courts overturn the mandates.
    Our government in Australia needs to be removed.
    And the matter is urgent

  2. Australian here, 100% not true about the access to vaccine for minorities or that the public housing towers were left without food. It is simply not true, they were also given disaster payments ontop of their usual welfare payments which was funny because they were locked in their rooms and given everything they needed so they were basically given money to keep them happy. I actually worked as a contractor in one of the towers, i met some absolutely lovely people when i worked there, and some not so lovely people. Lots of needles.

  3. Adelaide has a fukd underground human meat market
    You can actually over human meet in Adelaide 🤢
    Of course eating anything with a vibration of fear and suffering causes your spiritual body to descend instead of Ascend

  4. It's crazy the politicians here that get caught doing the wrong thing end up on a 200,000 dollar a yr pension. People get in gangs of vac/unvac. People in Western Australia have started groups wanting there premiers babies. Small groups do protest but nothing changes. You could say vote for change but what change will there be if there all the same.

  5. Sorry but that article sounds like a fair bit of misinformation put across by people who don't live in Australia. Melbourne is a very liberal, progressive city. Most of the lockdowns have been imposed because of case numbers, for health reasons, not political. The fact that those areas might also be ethnic communities is an unfortunate parallel that has more to do with social structural issues and cultural factors not specific targeting. Our rules have largely kept us safe and the majority of Australians support lockdown measures apart from a number of right wing conspiracy theorists. Most ethnic people support the measures and if they don't they receive the same treatment from the government as anyone else, not specific targeting. It sounds as if this article is actually trying to create division and you are happy to peddle it without doing any further research. That is disingenuous.

  6. Never let a crisis go to waste is their motto. Our liberties and Freedom have been eroded in the UK since the 80's. Miners, Ravers and Activists can testify to this.
    Act now before it's too late Aussies.
    Bless Ya ❤️🙏

  7. Victoria reeeeeeally needs help right now. But the rest of Australia is teetering on the edge and it could easily get worse very quickly. Please send help, continue exposing our corrupt puppets internationally. Thank you! Love you all my brothers and sisters in life.

  8. The day reckoning has come. The government forced people to turn in firearms under the guise of public safety and now the people can’t keep their government in check.

  9. We have loosers running our country (aus).
    Theyre trying to segregate the east suburb folk and the west even further along with dividing the vaccinated to the pro vaccinated.
    every time we go into lockdown is due to SOE (state of emergency) expiring and will bring up covid positive tests prior to SOE expiring as such.

    We are very hesitant in getting said vaccine due to the fact its turned from a health issue and is now a government power trip/control issue.

    also something to note.. when Facebook, Main stream media and the government is trying to shut down anyone who is opposing the narrative shows to me this is way above a health issue.
    We are a freedom loving nation and sure those external of australia can appreciate.

    Anyone for example Rukshan Live or Rebel News are slowly being targeted by MSM and the Police for displaying live to the world the truth of what is happening here.

    If you dont have your jude star equivalent (covid papers) then they will hand apparent fines.. that don't pass in court and get dismissed.. its basically fear mongering garbage to ensure they hit their vaccination targets… went from 70%.. then 80% then 100% to allow for freedoms to return.

    Gladys fuebgfuigbfe4oh has left premier of NSW due to corruption investigations.. then her PA also left.. now we got Dan being investigations.

    As for Nurses whom were last years hero's are now being shunned by MSM, Government and Police.

    Police, yes are following a private set of guidelines, going completely against the commonwealth set of laws that Police should only follow.

    Racism was evident when only Western suburbs were targeted compared to the eastern (premiers live in the east).

    australia is an example of what will start to show in our neighboring countries.

    It is 100% an issue towards the lower class/religious folk.

    Share this as best you can @Russel Brand.

    Follow Rebel News and The Real Rukshan for whats really happening here.

    Everything that is happening is money enforced while the rest of us suffer.

  10. The bigger issue for me as an individual is the loop holes for the well off not just whites. Having two properties is catered for and being able to afford private schooling is catered for and having private healthcare benefits is sponsered. Money speaks not race in Australia. These two privileges have divided Australia more than race. Those who can afford comfort and ease share the same access to public healthcare resources for combating covid 19, while also enjoying the benefits of private healthcare when they are injured i.e. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews falling and hurting his back, spent many weeks in a private hospital not far from patients with similar injuries born from hard work, who were lying for hours on a cold emergency room floor waiting for basic and acute treatment. Love your work Russell😘

  11. What I've seen from aussies cops is appalling from arresting a dad taking his daughter out to a park to pepper spraying an old woman,visting someones house for thinking about going to a protest.

    I hope when (IF) this is ever over This comes back to haunt them all.

    Just following orders should never wash.

    I have a theory why certain countries comply and other don't.

    Look at Italy,france,Poland all countrys where police have sided with the people and downed batons and shields.

    Why? because they have LIVED this before its in living memories of what authoritarianism is and how it Creeps in.

  12. Hey Russell from an Australian perspective, I think the article could go on to discuss, or you would be interested to here, that those same communities are now going to be further marginalised by not being vaccinated, because those same states are going to prevent them enjoying social freedoms. However I would support this article By saying the state is doing more to harass, than it is help these communities understand from there own cultural perspective, what the true sides of vaccination are.

  13. Big Pharma is the " Vilan " in the planetary unbalance of the humanity now. 

    Pharma= in definition in Greek  

    purgative" (13c.) and directly from Medieval Latin pharmacia, from Greek pharmakeia "a healing or harmful medicine, a healing or poisonous herb; a drug, poisonous potion; magic (potion), dye, raw material for physical or chemical processing."
    This is from pharmakeus (fem. pharmakis) "a preparer of drugs, a poisoner, a sorcerer" from pharmakon "a drug, a poison, philter, charm, spell, enchantment." Beekes writes that the original meaning cannot be clearly established, and "The word is clearly Pre-Greek."

  14. The thing that gets me here is protest for BLM, climate change etc. the "cops will walk with you" protest about anything covid Rubber bullet/beating, spray everyone even Press and fine/arrest time . What the go?

  15. Hi, Russell, I am an Aussie and want to say thankyou for speaking out today with your opinions on my country and the current effects on the Aussie citizens since covid and restrictions. Yes, it had had an effect on every one here just as it has also had effects on everyone around the world. The rippling effect of covid, around the world has not only caused sickness, death, disease, Stress, anxiety, on people but has affected people's very own lives and livelihoods and freedoms of movement in some areas, more than other's. I personally am vacinated also and because I love my life and family and friends and community I got vaccinated and my family 💕 I personally do not get involved in conspiracy theories not Give a dam about whether anyone else agrees with our decision or not. Australia is known as a beautiful democratic society that loves freedom and independence and cultural diversity and a fair go for everyone, so when something threatens out way of life you will see the Aussie people standing together as mates do through these trying times. We would rather find solutions so we can move forward and progress continually for prosperity for all.
    Our States in our Country are basically run as separate little countries at present. Each Premiere doing what they believe is in the best interest for their people during these times. Most Aussies also have now or are getting vaccinated to protect themselves and their families and communities. The solution is the medicine, vaccine which is the responsive answer to this disease. Covid is not the first plague to come upon mankind and I doubt it will be the last. I thank God 🙏 and Jesus that I live by faith trusting and living day by day leaning on the Lord. Each to their own in regards of your personal beliefs and how you live your life. I am glad I live in a beautiful Island and our Government is better than most others. Life is a journey and there will always be trials and tribulations. It's in these times we learn and grow in our faith and brings us to our knees in humility knowing we need God and his wisdom. Man's wisdom is foolishness. That's my opinions. Godbless always mate!

  16. Pointing out that areas with the highest infection rates are places with the highest immigrant population is not wrong if it’s the truth but they should probably have put some context such as majority of the newer immigrants where fleeing countries with totalitarian and corrupt government’s so the inherent trust isn’t there and even those who are a few generations removed there immigrant progenitors where raised in homes with horror stories from there families past about the hard times
    But I’m sorry where I live we have a large Muslim community and although the mosques where shut I personally saw groups of twenty- thirty men gathered in the back garden a few doors down to pray a few times a day so shutting down the mosque didn’t really stop them from gathering and getting infected

  17. I looked up the Author. She's a Muslim academic at Melbourne University. Who doesn't even know that the Nation's Capital is a freezing cold shithole in country NSW that we call CANBERRA.

  18. 日本では法制化さえ免れているが、マスクやワクチンの同調圧力はひどいです。入店すると普通に「マスクしてください」と言われたり、職場でも接種されたり。個人の選択の自由はそこに存在しません。

  19. One a nother not the Tall Grey alien 👽 race keep tell me to use quantum grammar syntax to free Humanity

    I don't know enough about it
    But they said both traditional names like koori or Eora or Darug or Gaddigal or Yarra Yarra hold a vibrational map for them to locate and help us
    And quantum grammar can also be use to free humans like a mapping system