Western Media Admits Ukraine Is Losing War

After devoting so many column inches and minutes of air time to the stunning successes of the Ukrainian military in rebuffing the Russian invasion, the mainstream media can be forgiven for only reluctantly now acknowledging that the tide has decidedly turned, and Ukrainian forces are steadily being pushed back as Russia takes control over ever more territory in the Donbas region. But that’s precisely what’s happening, and that’s why you’re seeing the narrative slowly shift.

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Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the progress of the Russian invasion and the media’s changing story.

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  1. Severodonetsk has almost fallen into the hands of the Russians.. The war in the east and Donbass region is coming to a close pretty soon. I'd give it a month before the Ukrainian Eastern front collapses

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  3. The first stage of war was to pin Ukrainian troops away from Dombass. Russians pretend attack on Kiev first 6-8 weeks was part of the war deception and plan. Not many Russians nor equipment was lost as opposed to what the Western media circus reported.

  4. Wait where is the billions of dollars sent to Ukraine in the past 8 years for defense aid? They should be impenetrable. Oh right the money didn’t go to any of that it went to politicians and oligarchs pockets…..

  5. You should see the propaganda in Australian media about Ukraine. It's amazing how they do it. But the fox Murdoch media owns America media and Australian media. So it's way more full on in Australia.

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