Western University students protest against COVID booster vaccine mandate | ‘I’ve had a pit in my stomach every day because all I’m thinking about is this third dose,’ says first-year Western University student.
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  1. Great to hear awoke people> Unfortunately, a lot more people still remains zoombies. Great to stand up against the $cience of Trudeau Liberals and NDP. Proud of you for standing up. for your rights.

  2. Dirty unvaxxed? LOL! We the unjabbed are the clean ones. We are the pure bloods. We will live our lives without the fear of the short and long terms undocumented "benefits" of the jabs. I don't care what the jabbed call me, I will have a smile on my face regardless. They won't because in the back of their minds is increasingly the, "what if thy are right"……..the id knows all and the id wakes them up in the middle of the night with its fears……uncertainty,,,,,,,,,,,and doubt.

  3. The university is engaged in coercion, blackmail and extortion as well as breach of contract and pure discrimination. The mandates were imposed after the deadlines to pay the fees. The students should withdraw and boycott the University and demand their money back for breach of contract.

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