Westpac Hikes Interest Rates Again

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Westpac has hiked its interest rates once again. Will we see 5% home loan rates in the next couple of years?


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  1. Something I never swallow is the argument that immigrations would cause inflation due to housing demand. More people means more goods and services and that would be the force of deflation.

  2. Heise, good on you and others locking your mortgage interest and rate rises are not about existing mortgages. What would happened to future buyers who wants to jump on band wagon? That would be interesting. More sellers and less buyers equal price drop imo.

  3. Will this interest rate rises gonna affect the investment property owners? It makes difficult for the investors find good positive cash flow property. For owner occupiers, this rate is not a big deal as it far way lower than previous years.

  4. What worries me is the history of governments printing money. There is always an initial period of boom! Many people in past history have made massive fortunes during the start of printing money only to lose everything when the euphoria ends. Of course during the euphoria period people see nothing wrong with printing money.

  5. My dilapidated dog box in Sydney, is worth almost $3,000,000. This house is my first home, paid for on just my single wage, from an ordinary job. No degree, no trade & no mining job. Of course, I'm a MGTOW, no marriage, no kids. Cost me $120,000 in 1987. The cost now is insanity. No wonder people can't afford families & we are being replaced with mass immigration. It's disgusting.

  6. Recoveries briefing at AHL (ANZ/MacBank) today, "….compassion and special consideration pauses to be granted by verbal request"… Sounds like good news but it means we are gearing up for storm.

  7. One thing I've got clear is that ALL reserve banks (RBA, Fed., etc.) don't give a toss about "Joe/Jane Citizen" and they're all reading from the same playbook. High inflation due to ridiculous spending? Better for them to inflate their debt away. Ridiculous housing prices where young people will have to rent forever and caused by too much stimulus (over spending)? That's great for them and they'll do everything in their power to keep the Ponzi scheme going and stiff shit for the young ones. From my p.o.v. it'd be great if the economy totally crashed and my 1m house suddenly became worth $50k instead. I would welcome the pain.

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