“We’ve Had ENOUGH!!” Australia’s SCARY New Pandemic Powers

In Australia thousands of protestors demonstrated against legislation around new government pandemic powers.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. NSW health minister
    Brad "health" Hazzard ,has issued directives specifically designed to promote fear .
    Attendees to SAT 20TH
    protests in Sydney requiring vacc.
    Knock yourself out,
    BUZZARD. If 100 000 people tell you you are sick , you'd best have a little lie-down .eh?

  2. Thank you Russell. The Bill did not pass but it was WAY too close for comfort. And WAY too many Australians know nothing of it. Dan will try again so please don't stop helping raise awareness. Thank you.

  3. Also I'm pro gun for starters and I have my CCP license, but it is never necessary to bring a AR or a or any kind of rifle to a protest , and if your worried about your safety at the protest just don't go, your just going to make your self a target and create more problems for your self if you go to a protest VISABLY armed

  4. Well, y’all know what’s going to happen? … everyone will hate their governments so much that they will willingly accept the antichrist in a presumption that it will be a “better system”, which is why Russell has to be careful with saying “we need a new system”. The new system will look good but it won’t be what you want. I know there is a small probability of you doing that purposefully, but this is written in the scriptures and with the entire world and all the wars brewing, it’s time to worry about our soul and survival not of our government.

  5. So today in Melbourne vaxxed people can go dancing, but from today i can't shop anywhere apart from a supermarket, chemist or food supplies. Masks are off from today though. The doctor won't let me in. he gave me a referral for an xray but….. can't get in there either. Today i can have a 1000 people party at my house vaxxed or unvaxxed even though i'm not. Does this sound normal???. Last night Dan andrews said "I'd like to thank ALL victorians for doing their part in getting us back to normal". Does my life sound normal.? Why is my christmas shopping over before it started.? Is my party if i have iut my reward for wearing a mask, staying inside and finding how this whole f!@#show has been set up for our "MAINSTREAM" Humans, push them into a corner take there jobs , break them down. Then offer them a vax to regain there normality. they took the carrots and blamed the carrot growers instead of the donkey. Thanks for showing this mate. respect.

  6. Thanks for this video, I’m for the people of Australia, they might have to take this prime minister and tar & feather him and run him out of Australia, Cuba or North Korea will probably take him

  7. Our Media and Government is steeped in corruption mate. Not only happening in Victoria but all States of Australia. Medical Apartheid being mandated on 17th December in Queensland. I will be at a Rally in Maroochydore tomorrow, hopefully with many others to object. There are still so many people asleep and not giving a S###, living the chilled Aussie life . Heaven help us!

  8. Meta is the female way to say Death in Hebrew.
    Metaverse. Dead world thru females.
    Laws are being written to control us to take mandatory injections.
    They want all power and use media to do it.
    And Epstein didnt kill himself

  9. Hi Russell. Your videos are always great. But you could maybe have a look at Europe and especially Austria. On Saturday there will be a big protest against the rules from our Austrian government in Vienna. Just in case you don‘t know what‘s going on there at the moment (spoiler: it is worse than in Australia): we currently have a lockdown for all unvaxinated people in the country. This are about 2million people or about a third of the population. If you are unvaxinated you are only allowed to work and buy your basic groceries. But that’s not all. If you still want to work you must have a negative covid test everyday. Otherwise you are even not allowed to work anymore. But people who are vaxinated can do whatever they want. In my opinion this is not a democratic country anymore. And I am from Austria.

  10. Thankyou thankyou thankyou Russell!

    It feels like we are sliding fear-fuelled towards totalitarianism here and its very frightening.

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