WH FREAKS At New Press Sec’s TERRIBLE Debut | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar give their takes on the White House’s internal response to new White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s poor performances since her debut in May

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Niko Lusiani:

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  1. Meh. She's fine. Pretty much what you'd expect as a WH Press Sec. Your lame mash-up vid didn't even show the questions she was trying to answer for a little context. I'd rather she looked up the official WH line that make shit up like previous Press Secs we've seen. Slow news day, Saagar?

  2. I know my friends on the right cheered when red hair (can't remember her name) left, but she was really good at her job. Her job was to look you straight in the eye and lie and it seemed she was made for it.

  3. KJP could certainly be replaced as Press Sec, Trump did it all the time, some only there for a few days!
    No Press Secretary, Demoncrat nor Rethuglican, can be expected to keep up with the non-stop stream of lies, BS and propaganda issuing and emanating forth from our government without faceplanting and stepping on their tongues almost daily!

  4. I don't believe for a second that the administration didn't know that they sent her to a gun fight…with a kitchen knife.
    On the other hand, seeing her makes Psaki look utterly competent. Gasp.

  5. "One of the most important comms positions in DC" More like one of the most important comms positions in the world and they have what seems like an intern running the show

  6. Half her job is just looking like you know wth is going on….maybe like a retail gig can help with coming up with off the cuff answers? Learn what the admin line is and show up and spew it back, dodge wat questions u need to dodge and thts about it

  7. 1st Kamala now this Lady.. idk why they trynna make Black woman look weak and terrible at political jobs when there’s so many that just isn’t on their “team”. It’s like this cabinet is highkey racist picking people based of color and sex to trick their supporters as “not racist”. Come on man

  8. Can you please look into and discuss the SCOTUS hearing the case Morre v Harper? I’m hearing really bad stuff about it. Love to know if there is any truth to it being the end of people having any say in future presidential elections?

  9. I'm confused. We're acknowledging that these press secretaries are liars but are upset when they don't lie well? Those moments were perfectly normal and human. Yes we should want the substance of what these secretaries say to be more open and honest. As for a few awkward pauses… I don't care?

  10. So you’re saying that hiring someone solely based on their multitude of minority check boxes isn’t the way to go?? I thought we learned that with Kamala

  11. I figured that they put her up to make Biden look like a competent public speaker by comparison. Good luck getting rid of her – she’s in practically every protected class that exists.

  12. The Biden administration is all about symbolism!! He does nothing that truly represents the Black community!! LGBTQ and Black, apparently she's not up to the task of putting out the bullsh*t the way her predecessor did. Juneteeneth , let's give everybody the day off. George Floyd Bill, keep waiting!! Hate crime bill for Blacks , keep waiting!! Reparations, keep waiting!! Black voters, ya'll really think I have your backs? Keep waiting? 2224 , Joe's getting back in The White House on the hill ? I think he's going to be the one , be waiting!! He has kept his dam word !!! Approval rating is in the toilet!! Shady Pines, has your room ready Joe. Now, press sec. ? Job opening. Wanted : A Dam good shucker and jiver 😳🤡

  13. This entire administration is a joke. I don't know what country I'm living in anymore. Every day I wake up and wonder how much worse it's going to get. Unfortunately, I know the answer is it's going to get WAY worse.

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