WH Spokesman Salivates About Fighting Wars Over Climate Change

Dealing with climate change will involve a variety of strategies, including reducing carbon output, adopting alternative energy sources and changing consumption patterns – and, if White House spokesman John Kirby is to be believed, increased and ongoing armed conflict involving the United States military around the globe. Kirby made this acknowledgment during a recent White House briefing, noting that even existing conflicts like the dirty war in Syria were initially sparked by a drought caused by climate change.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the curious way the military causes problems that it then has to be sent in to “solve.”

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  1. The U.S. military is quite possibly the biggest source of instability in the world. The U.S. military is definitely not a "global force for good" as their propaganda used to say.

  2. The military is the number one contributor to climate change. Fuel use and exhaust, pit burning, fuel leaking into the water table, pollution produced by the production of weapons and machinery, military garbage, human death and destruction, etc!

  3. Well climate change and CO2 it’s all your fault especially breathing and talking in the garage creating all that CO2.
    Once you sign on with the world economic form you will realize the way to save the climate is to kill 90% of the people, and all of the selfish animals .
    It’s not like you understand that Nazi youth children on forced nature marches through the woods were the original environmentalists. “ cleaning up“ programs were easily swallowed then.
    It’s all your fault Jimmy for breathing and creating CO2 -every flood every hail storm it’s all because you continue to breathe humans are so selfish -that’s the correct political stance.
    $160 million in US tax dollars are spent every year photographing the ice melting at the bottom of glaciers in Greenland they can’t be wrong- they are $160 billion right. You never examine or complain about that spending, You understand it’s all your fault- The weekening of the magnetic shield the increasing snowing rains it’s all your fault. The military understands it’s time to send cruise missiles after anybody who starts a car or pick up truck, The sooner you realize it’s all your fault you created this Jimmy The easier it will be for the rich to ride their horses without pesky humans making more CO2. Near their rentals .

  4. The Change has been going on every since the creation of our planet , I think it’s called Mother Nature , it’s not for man to change we need to grow more and just live ! Happily

  5. I've been calling it for years: climate change is just another excuse for the government to seize 'emergency powers'. Climate lockdowns are coming, and so is resource rationing. Techno-fascist eco-socialism is the term most descriptive of our new world government.

  6. I guess any argument works to justify another war . Since 1798 the US started over 190 military actions just from the US . Besides any war causes exactly the opposite what they claim manly increase more CO2 .

  7. Why does Youtube force propaganda notes at the bottom of various videos and calls them "Context?" No one wants your input YouTube! There are various types of YouTubers; thus the You in Tube. People can get the input there by watching or liking or subscribing. 😉

  8. Who would have thought, they could use that radical climate change kids, as an explanation for war? Totally new concept. Send people to war over nothing…

  9. "What historians will definitely wonder about in future centuries is how deeply flawed logic, obscured by shrewd and unrelenting propaganda, actually enabled a coalition of powerful special interests to convince nearly everyone in the world that carbon dioxide from human activity was a dangerous, planet-destroying toxin. It will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world – that carbon dioxide, the life of plants, was considered for a time to be a deadly poison." – Richard Lindzen, Professor Emeritus MIT.

  10. 1:30,.. you're always supposed to see the shirt. Why where a three piece shirt if you're coat 100% covers the vest. The cheaper the suit, the less layers you have and are able to display. That's why an expense ill fitting suit looks cheap. But a cheap fitted suit looks expensive.

  11. This is why Pelosi is trying to start a war with China. Their Aircraft Carrier uses conventional power, while ours use carbon neutral Nuclear power. Nothing better to stop global warming, than nuclear winter, right!!!

  12. I could not believe A military retiree could come out an excuse so low that he thinks all Americans IQ level were at the idiot level.

    I like to suggest a Constitution minimum education test ACT for any future pubic officials and congress (from city to Federal level) before they could qualified.

  13. Russia will soon have the largest stretches of available arable land and vast reserves of fresh water once the climate crisis really sets in. This alone will make Russia into a powerhouse on the world stage, since it will be able to survive the climate crisis a lot longer than most countries and it will be relied on even more to feed the hungry.

    When you really think about this, it explains why the US is so desperate to try to have Russia disintegrate into a bunch of weak, rump states that it can easily bully, hence the insane amounts of money it is pouring into Ukraine to try to hurt Russia, the seizing of Russian foreign reserves (a big no-no) and the unprecedented sanctions.

  14. Anthropogenic Climate Change is a NWO psyop. The Earth's climate is always changing and is controlled mostly by the many interactions with the Sun. This whole save the environment movement is nothing but a scam to control the average person.

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