Whaaaat?!! The CIA Plotted To MURDER Julian Assange!!

A new report claims that in 2017 a plot to kidnap or murder Julian Assange was developed by the CIA during his seclusion in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The moment Assange got dragged from the UK Embassy, it became absolutely clear that 99% of all medium and major media outlets are on the take. Next time you have one of them famous fake-left late night hosts at your table, Russel, please ask them about this. See what happens.

  2. Wikileaks was one of the reasons Trump was elected. I could totally see the tyrannical far-left intelligence community plotting something like this.

  3. It's a strange time when people condemn the folks who help defend their rights of freedom by exposing corruption, because the corrupt tell the people they must hate and fear them. I try not to live in fear but I would be lying if I said I wasn't economically afraid as well as existentially afraid of the systems in place that disempower the individual citizen and heighten the control of the criminally greedy. I don't want my children to live with that fear and the pain I endure because of lack of wealth and overwork. Therefore I applaude anyone brave enough to stand against tyranny and speak out. I aspire to be that courageous and steadfast for my principles in my own life and find you and these other people inspiring and invigorating. Love from Canada.

  4. If we could get rid of the CIA and many of the other alpha the agencies and one swoop I believe the world would instantly be hugely improved. Personally I’d take my chances with international killers and the like over our CIA any day

  5. The depth of evil that informs the US State Dept. is breathtaking. Obviously Russia has the moral high ground. It is tragic that Assange did not immediately make a beeline run for Russia.

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