“What A F*cking Liar” – Boris’s BOMBSHELL Leaked Email

Reaction to news that Boris Johnson attended one or more of multiple parties held at Downing Street at time when social mixing was banned.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Russell Brand is absolutely correct, if boris Johnson is forced to resign he’ll be replaced by another politician off the same production line with the exact same attitude towards us plebs.
    The only thing that will change will be security will be overhauled to prevent future incriminating photos and emails being discovered

  2. A chap called The Bernician is apparently organising a law suit against those guilty of fraud in this instance.

    This seems like ‘something we can do’ about this intolerable situation.

  3. Do what you want then apologize, do what you want then apologize, do what you want then apologize, do what you want then apologize, do what you want then apologize, do what you want then apologize. Then when election time comes make up some more lies to get in. THEN! Do what you want then apologize, do what you want then apologize,


  5. There was rules but tbh if they all work in close proximity which they do, and can’t help then having a drink won’t hurt let’s be real. but we can be critical. They make the rules so they should lead an example or at least explain to the more simple people that they see each other daily and got tested regularly (apparently) I think covid is bollocks at this point all a money making scheme

  6. Polish Prime Minister lockdown graveyards on the 1st of November 2021 All Saint's Day celebration and forbade the nation to visit their closed, deceased relatives on that very special day. Then he went on with his crew and openly, without any mask on visited his brother's grave…..

  7. Everyone needs to stop voting, all the time you vote you are supporting a corrupt political system and nothing will ever change. Soon as hardly anyone is voting then us the people will have to form our very own government to represent ourselves. We can do it without any violence.

  8. ❤️ RUSSELL…you’ve nailed it once again! 🤩 You are absolutely, bloody brilliant, in the way you deliver the serious shite that is happening globally! Massive LOVE and respect to you! 🥰
    I just hope the Sheep 🐑 and Lemmings 🐹, start paying attention and wake up to this 👺evil bullshit 🐂💩😈

  9. Governments and staff are well educated and are critical thinkers at their core. Therefore, they have reasoned that the flu rules are absurd and not to be followed. The problem lies with punishing people for breaking the flu rules. That's truly dishonorable.
    BTW, to change the western world in a year, ban all payroll deduction of national taxes. Who would write the check after horrible government policies and dishonorable conduct?

  10. That was great! We had an earthquake and I kept watching I was so engrossed. Annoying earthquake, that's what it will probably take though to shake up things and alarm us into action.

  11. We have to blame ourselves, even though he was already a proven liar when running for PM, he was far better than the socialist alternatives.
    He promised us that he would "Get Brexit done", control our borders, rebuild our fishing fleet.
    So he has lied once again, he has left the people of Northern Ireland high and dry, done nothing on our borders and ignored our fisherman. those who voted for him gave him such a huge majority all this could have been done easily.

    His so called apology is not saying sorry.

  12. Anyone that trusts ANY politician needs to look at a bridge I have for sale. The political class are offensive elitists that only care about the power they wield and reelection to maintain that power. In plain language their full of shit.

  13. Maybe it was the secret santa that caused all this nonsense Russell.
    "Michael, what did you get from secret santa?"
    "I got some cheddar, What about you Sajid?"
    "Why, I got some cheddar too Michael, that's very strange"
    "Prime minister, did you get some cheese also?"
    "No, I received some wine… Let's have a party" 🎉

  14. Studies found that most business leaders and top politicians are psychopaths, meaning they can make decisions without much influence from their emotions / lacking in empathy. For these people it gives them an advantage. This has little to do with serial killers etc. that most associate with psychopathy, though these facts are starting to become blurred in 2020-2022

  15. Russ just start a real life Jedi council to run the world pls, we will call it the N.W.C The New World council. Yourself, Charles Eisenstein, Vandana Shiva, Yanis Varoufakis, Eckhart Toll, Gabor Mate, Jason Hickel, mostly everyone that ever was on your podcast. One leader isn't enough to make real change in the world but a group of people who genuinely care, could make the difference we so desperately all need right now… Love you Russ <3

  16. Wait you guys are actually investigating your elected officials for being massive hypocrites? Here in America Nany Pelosi, Gavin Newsom and AOC just get mildly scolded by Fox news and then we forget it ever happened. They barely tried to hide the fact that they don't follow their own rules lol.

  17. Don't do it, Russ, don't buy the distraction. There is a bigger agenda here. It's not about party politics at all. A device to divert attention from the state capture you are dealing with. Airing this helps the people you are trying to expose.

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