What a Way to Add Fuel to the Fire…

Thanks Zuckerberg, very cool. This will definitely not make things a thousand times worse.

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  1. Facebooked banned me 30 days for calling a known communist supporter in my a country a communist. Then i see this. I hope someone makes something like a new facebook and topple mark stupidberg

  2. Zuckerturd is a walking corpse as far as FB / META is concerned . He is being slowly strangled by his own Noose . People are leaving FB / Meta in the dust and not looking back . I left FB in 2009. Don't regret it one bit .

  3. I once talked to some Russian a few years ago. Rural Russians I had more in common with them than any other European I have talk to. They had love and pride for the country not their government. If you love and have pride for your country you will fight for it right or wrong. Pray for peace.

  4. So…….what did you expect? For a number of years now, we've been subjected to groups like this who told the world that (but were smart and careful enough to not phrase it as such) THEY would decide what "hate speech" was, what "violent rhetoric" was, and what "calls to violence" was. They are also the arbiters of "truth". And if your opinions and/or political or even societal affiliations and/or viewpoints do not align with theirs, then you IMMEDIATELY get labelled one of the myriad of words that either ends with "ists" or "phobic".

  5. Am I insane for somehow thinking if Russian hate crimes start the same people who started this crap are gonna start up “stop Russian hate” hashtags and say the hate crimes are being committed by white right wing radicals

  6. Calls to violence against soldiers engaging in violence in an imperialist war against a sovereign nation which is killing civilians should be permitted. Calls for violence against Russians not involved shouldn't.

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