What are the implications of underestimating the proportion of unvaccinated?

This 2 minute video presents a simple graphical explanation of why it is so important to get an accurate estimate of the true proportion of unvaccinated in a population in order to determine the efficacy and safety of any vaccine (or indeed any type of medical intervention)

Written by Norman Fenton


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  1. Yes … perfectly agree BUT you need to break down the statistics by risk group . If you have 100% vaccinated in the minus 65 group , and say 80% in the plus 65 group , the results will be even better for the vaccines .
    I do not know for England , but here in France the +80 group was LESS vaccinated than the 16-44 group … because old people don't care if they can't go to the restaurant or travel ( we needed a vaccine pass for social life ) . So of course , the vaccine efficacy would have looked better … if it had been efficient at all .
    Sherry on the cake , my father , 82 , is in very bad health . His doctor advised NOT to vaccinate him ( too dangerous ) … so if he catches covid ( and very probably dies from it , which would sadly be a relief ) , STATISTICALLY he will be in the "not boosted " category .
    Just to say ….

  2. Do we see differences in the apparent safety and efficacy of the therapy between countries? That could be a way to roughly gauge the accuracy of their vaccination figures, making the fairly bold assumption that there aren't other major factors. Obviously, you'd then need to conduct research to determine the actual vaccination rate based on the indication.

  3. Thank you Norman. 100% agree that only the %age per 100k (for example) is the only statistic we should use but you’re so right about them underestimating the number of unvaccinated to serve their agenda. There’s a photo of Bill Gates and one of the books on his desk is entitled “How to lie with statistics”. Says it all really!!

  4. Thank you for the report, Norman. If nothing else, we in America have learned who is illegally running the country. Its a fascist collaboration of Govt, mass media and big pharma/medical industry. It is well known among us with inside knowledge of the mass media, that 70% of ad schedules are purchased by big pharma / medical industry. We the People will fix this- have no doubt of that.

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