What Are Thermobaric Weapons

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  1. "Thermobarics"… sounds exactly like the echo chamber the MSM babble their latest narrative grift out of every time there is something or someone that they must incessantly continue casting a bad light over!

  2. Sigh. So much junk information about Thermobaric bombs. They are not a "vacuum bomb" any more than any ordinary bomb is.

    If your within the blast radius of a normal bomb the pressure wave hits you, you will get the same sort of damage as a Thermobaric bomb would do to you.
    Standard bombs are designed to produce a lot of shrapnel. Most of these pieces of shrapnel are like taking a 20mm cannon round. Not pretty.

    Thermobaric bombs produce no shrapnel. Instead they are designed to produce a very large shockwave. The shockwave produces very high pressure which moves at the speed of sound "or right around there depending on exact conditions." This wave destroys buildings etc due to the high pressure on one side and low pressure on the other side.

    There is no vacuum effect where the bomb is "as in the comments section" "pulls your lungs out of your body before exploding you."
    Injury and death to people is not that different than being in the blast radius of a regular bomb but not getting hit by shrapnel.

  3. I wasn't particularly happy with the US using them in the middle east, I think that ship sailed. I also haven't seen evidence of them being used so far. But cluster bombs are unacceptable due to the high amount of unexploded ordinance. They pose long term risk to civilian life, and Russia has used a lot of them.

  4. I know you got the first story on the ammunition dumps wrong. It wasn’t that the explosion itself was a thermobaric weapon, but that munitions dump had been hit by one. At least that was the article I saw.

  5. Where does the idea that thermobaric weapons suck the air out of people's lungs come from? It doesn't really logically make sense in the context of an explosion.
    Even if it was the case (it's not), does the air get sucked out of your lungs the millisecond before or after your body is blown into a million pieces by the pressure wave?

  6. On the topic of media buzzwords: "WMDs" with respect to the runup to the second Iraqi war, used in an intentional bid to conflate poison gas (which the Iraqis had used in the past) with nukes (which they were attempting to develop, albeit with little actual success.)

  7. A few episodes ago you guys said that the meerkat in the insurance advert has been cancelled due to being Russian…
    No lie I’ve just seen that advert with the meerkat for this podcast 😂

  8. You may be interested to know that durint WW2 the NAZI's used these fuel-air bombs quite extensively against the Russian positions on the "eastern front" and devastated the Red Army. Thermobaric weapons have been around for a long time. The concussive force is what mainly causes the damage

  9. People loosing their heads over thermobaric bombs meanwhile the US still uses white phosphorus air strikes, to my knowledge not sure if they stopped, I would say that with my peculiar fascination of weapons technology the west's obsession with "humanly" killing confuses me as there isn't really any way of ending someones life even lethal injection can be quite inhumane.

  10. Those who are Millennials there was a small conflict in the South Atlantic in 1982 called the Falklands Conflict (not technically a war btw, as declaring war cancels all existing treaties between the two counties. The subtle differences in this not-war was absolutely appreciated by those killed.)

    During that period and the 10 or so years following it the big exciting word was EXOCET, which was a French made Air to Surface or Surface to Surface anti ship missile (ASM or SSM respectively). While it was effective… mostly… the system was aging by this time and pretty much being replaced on Western warships by the similar sized but more capable Harpoon. Yet for 10 years Exocet was the 'expert' term for 'Powerful and Dangerous Weapon'.

    See also 'SCUD' and 'SILKWORM' – again both borderline obsolete weapon systems that were not remotely the most powerful or effective in their class, but which the media managed to discover and become 'experts' on.

  11. Getting tired of these armchair strategists on the internet pontificating about a country they don't even know how to find on a fucking map or know the history of.

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