What Australia is Doing is Unbelievable

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  1. 5:42 fkin' brilliant lads. When the Dingo and Roo populations explode due to lockdowns I hope they overrun the government and are hailed as conquering heroes. Bringing freedom to upside down land and being worshipped as gods for all time.

  2. As an Australian who just came across your YouTube channel, with respect to the comment…

    "Australians are the descendants of convicts, but also of their jailors"

    One could be offended by such an ignorant statement. The reality at the time was Australia was a colony of Great Britain, those people who were sent to Australia were British, and Irish people, and so we were from 1788 until 1901, when we became a Federated separate country. Yet in the years from 1901 to today, Australia has progressed to be a multicultural society composed of the majority of people whose heritage is not from the days of the convict era, but from other countries such as Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, China, India, Indonesia etc.

    This is a vast contrast to the regressive and backward country that unfortunately the United Kingdom is becoming because of BREXIT. Because Nigel Farage successfully created hatred for immigrants, and Europeans that made the sacrifice to live in the work in your country, you now face food shortages, labour shortages, rotting food that cannot be picked because of your dislike for Johnny foreigner, the European citizens that once did this work for you can't be fucked to ever go near your country. I know these things, as I lived in London for all up about 12 years, but I came to loathe the arse licking for the privileged class, and the royal family. BREXIT is perfect for you, because you think it is 1850 and the world trembles in fear because you are BRITISH! I have news for you… BREXIT shows how blind to your own stupidity your English arrogance is. That you are short of 100 000 truck drivers, and you are even considering using the Army to deliver food to Tesco, Sainsbury's et al…. shows the stupidity, your sense of superiority has brought you.

    I do note that Prince Andrew has consistently refused all "invitations" from the FBI, for an interview regarding serious child rape allegations made against him. Just like Cyril Smith, and Jimmy Saville, nothing will be done.

    Once Great Britain dominated our lives. It was a really big deal when in 1970, we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the landing of Captain Cook at botany Bay. The Queen even came out for the event, and everyone dutifully kowtowed to her. Last year was the 250th anniversary of the landing of Captain Cook at botany Bay, it just came and went. No mention in the media, and to be frankly honest, people in Australia don't give a fuck about Great Britain as they did 50 years ago. Yet we are very important to you. Your minister of trade, Elizabeth Truss was so desperate for a trade deal with us, we in Australia could not believe the deal that we got. Yep, with BREXIT, you are screwed. Enjoy it!

  3. If anyone wants to see Nazis, then u should watch german Facebook. there are literally people that demand that we should put the not vaccinated in KZ`s. even some politicians talk in this direction.

  4. at no stage has this been about health, it is about control. the goalposts have been on wheels from the start. temporary solutions from a government are never temporary.

  5. Police in England: "I can't get an erection, think I'll bully some motorists and people without tv loicences."

    Police in Australia: "I can't get an erection, think I'll shoot some puppies."

  6. Australian here. I don't know how much longer I can hold out from the jab. I'm not in a high-risk demographic and would prefer not the be the guinea-pig for their experimental vaccines. But it doesn't look like I get a choice anymore. If I want to make a living I'll need to get the jab. The rest of my family have no problem with any of this, and think I'm the one that's gone crazy. My friends are all taking it in their stride too. Normalcy bias? Or have I actually gone crazy? Because this seems deeply fucked up to me, but I'm literally the only person I know who thinks so.

  7. I used to think Australia was this liberal laid back country, similar to Canada. But they're just the opposite. I had a really bad experience with them after signing a job contract at ANU. I advise against ever doing business with them.