WHAT!? Banks Plan Secret Simulation & Demand Cash Be Returned

WHAT!? Banks Plan Secret Simulation & Demand Cash Be Returned

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  1. LMFAO The mortgage holiday, I went on that vacation for 11 months and at the end I paid off my mortgage with all the money I was given. I also invested in a rent house. I then paid off everything. The opportunities have been happening all through the past two years. I cashed in my 401K before the down turn as well; not penalized due to CoVid19 rule. Cash & bartering is now king for me as I am self employed as a Lord now. 😎✊🏿

  2. I will forever be in-depted to you ma'am
    Jesse😇 you've changed my life, I'll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear, you've saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment, Thanks Mrs Jesse Coleman 🇱🇷🇱🇷

  3. we dont have a inflation issue its a currency crisis? while central banks keep printing interest rates cannot control inflation its a scam all by design ? central banks want to be lender and buyer of last resort hence control and own it all x watch the 10 year yield this will tell you when the major collapse begins all in the debt market xx

  4. Wouldn’t the banks AND government REALLY be screwed if EVERYONE started bartering? Isn’t THAT a thought, to get rid of the corrupt elites, banks, and governments. Take back what is truly ours.

  5. Or… due to the lack of feverish fact checks, maybe, just maybe the plan is to trigger bank runs in order to implement "emergency powers to save the economy" or because they know those who keep their money in the bank will be allowed to convert it to CBDC while those who convert their balances into fiat currency will be left holding the bag…

  6. When times are sqeezing your income, cancel all subscriptions and focus on food, house & transportation. In the winter, turn down your heat and wear more layers of clothes inside? Unblock south facing windows and let the sunlight come in and warm your walls and floor?

  7. I was in the bank on Friday, the woman in front of me had her cash withdrawal limit raised to £500 without an issue. I can't see them making cash withdrawal difficult unless there is a run on the banks. Them preventing people early might just start a panic when word gets round. The swap to polymer notes has been ongoing for years, paper £10 notes went about five years ago I think.

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