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  1. If only the Ministry of Truth would've been started just a little bit sooner, the young man who shot up Buffalo could've been informed and not went through with this heinous act.

  2. That’s a goddamn disgusting shame.
    Trump actually proposed fixing the leaks in the background check program.
    Dems didn’t want Trump to have a political victory.
    So people die, and Biden runs around on his soapbox.

  3. Simple: you can’t parrot “vehicle control” but you can parrot “gun control”
    Y’know the funny thing though, is that 2 months into Biden’s presidency is when the shooting in my home state of Colorado (specifically Boulder, the king soopers) took place. Nobody in the Biden administration even considered visiting a city that was held a majority of Coloradans that helped him get our 9 electoral votes.

  4. Biden and the Democrats are with racism, like a smoker turned ex-smoker nazi, fanatically the other way now. Most of us, however, are more the balanced kind, stuck in the middle will they spout their virtuous nonsense.

  5. biden literally admitted in a 2017 Q and A session that lowering the Caucasion race to minority status was a good thing. Who gave this piece of shit and his handlers the right to flood America with illegals just to forcibly change the the current demographics. This tactic is currently being done in ALL western nations. Look it up. They hate White people.

  6. You also know it is a false flag when the same thing happens days later(May 20th, 2022) 10 people shot in Chicago and not a word is mentioned about race. And yes, I have screen captured this to prove that it is censored when it disappears.

  7. Notice The WH hasn't made much of the Chinese attempted mass shooting! that one has Chinese hate crime against Taiwanese people all over it and hardly a peep from the WH!

  8. Every leftist I’ve seen responding to this says ‘but the Waukesha attacker didn’t have leave a manifesto’.

    There’s no debating these people.

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