What China Doesn’t Want You To Know

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  1. I pray for the total collapse of the Chinese state, am personally all for smaller states, and at this point, China is just bloated beyond the point of sustainability. I think a good solution for the future of China is taking the route of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Let the locals decide what to do with their own stuff instead of some far off byrocrat on the other side of the contry.

  2. China doesn't really have a choice when it comes to Taiwan. They've already insisted they will do it and staked their honour on it. To fail or otherwise back down would be a huge blow to the party's 'face'. Same with their zero coof policy. The longer they fail, the worse they will look.

  3. You guys are crazy YouTube is like a drug addled crack whore it will do literally anything for money everyday I have to watch fake adverts for diets, rebuild your teeth, minerals that burn fat, machinery that builds muscle, crypto , it's all nonsense. And if you have a podcast and point thus out you are shadow banned or outright banned

  4. Locking your citizens down with extreme prejudice, locking them out of the banking system and setting up a real estate market based on non-existent properties in ghost cities… This doesn't work so well apparently.

  5. You don't know China, china can eat itself if that is what is needed to keep going, they have made it numerous times, the great cultural revolution was all about it, and they are alreading preparing for it from the 2018, they began with a patriotic campaign for a slow down on the economy and to throw all dirty water on the rich and foreign investors.

  6. Is China’s demographic problem escalating due to their previous one child policy? Yes.
    Is a large percentage of their financial system currently experiencing severe problems due to a flawed housing market? Yes.
    Have the Chinese used corporate espionage to develop cheaper versions of western innovations and technology? Yes.
    Has China spent trillions developing the, ‘Belt Road Initiative’, which has resulted in them bullying smaller nations all over the globe? Yes.
    Has their recent meteoric financial rise over the last few decades lead to a situation where they are now threatening the stability of the global financial market? Yes.
    Have the Chinese been spending untold amounts bolstering the military? Yes.
    Has China imposed draconian measures that probably lead to untold amounts of deaths of their own population? Yes.
    Is China’s moral compass different to the west? Yes.
    Given all of these facts, is this country going to be more dangerous or less dangerous as their country starts to collapse and their leaders, after tasting power, strive to keep their status on the world stage?
    Everyone who follows politics knows that socialism & communism never works. Their system was always going to fail.
    The western leaders initially thought China would become more democratic as we started to trade openly with them.
    However, our failing was to continue this trend when it became more and more obvious they were returning to their old values.

  7. The CCP is gatekeeping the good jobs by weaponising the Gaokao against children from rural areas, with them getting stuck there with no opportunities in higher education or public office.
    Also there's a shortage of technicians because families push too hard for higher education.
    Basically they are stuck in 2008 and it's gonna hurt.

  8. Funny how we can watch and wince at Chinese protests and their government's reaction… While they could just as easily look at western protests and our governments reactions and have a similar reaction…

  9. I'd argue that China might just distract thier population with war…it would be very far from the first time its happened…
    Would it be a stupid idea?
    Yes, but that doesn't matter…pumping raw industrial sewage directly into the ground water is aslo stupid…CCP has done it anyway (to deal with the subsidance caused by overexploitation of thier aquifers), with the very predicatable results of mass ecological destrustion, loss of crops and massive uptick of cancer in people….
    Or to use another example, CCPs zero-Covid policy where they are still locking down entire cities and banning rural farmers tending thier fields while also forcing everyone to get tested daily, at the same time, in the same place…stupid, counterproductive and completely destroying thier economy….so why wouldnt they go to war?

  10. You guys need to watch Wag The Dog. Argentina went to war for the Falkland Islands to distract from the Juntas issues and miss management. Also note that Argentina has defaulted on its national debt twice and almost a 3rd time recently. Still get lent/given huge financial packages. Same thing with China in future.

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