What Did She Just Say?? …This Is A Bad Look!!


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  1. Malleable chaos rendering adaptable cultural perspectives is dangerous; orderly filtering out any variables is the way to ensure the one perspective we 'value', and those must be your values.

  2. The answer I had for all of her questions was: teach and empower people to think logically with empathy, THEN as a leader convince them through evidence and persuasive arguments. But… they definitely don't want free, smart, independent people.

  3. As a New Zealander, I appoligise for the bullshit this woman has done. She lied to gain power in 2017 and used the 2020 lockdowns to stop her political rivals access to media, and instead used her Daily (yes daily) updates, along with massive handouts, to manipulate and brainwash the major portion of voting idiots. She also wasted a large amount of our C19 recovery fund to buy out our national news networks, and as she became friends with Mr Facebook after her political use of the 2019 Christchurch mass shooting she was also able to shut down the truth on social media the same way the hunter laptop was silenced.

  4. I am from New Zealand Ardern cannot be trusted, an absolute apposer of the people themselves is what she is.
    The opposite of what she says is more likely the truth of it. Put it this way I personally believe Putin before her.
    In fact after listening to Putin's latest speech Putin seems to be leading the way against the wickedness in the world.
    While these globalists are propagating the very worst antichrist agenda and exploiting technology to control the people.

  5. It is not totally clear that the italian pm is thinking what she’s saying. As she pushed vaccine passports, and is very close to the ex-pm Dragui and other globalists. Let’s see what she will concretely do. Her discourse was 💯 true. Devils trick or pure truth? ❤️ to all. Stay free. Pray and spread truth.

  6. Has she introduced a tax t stop cows farming. How stupid are New Zealanders. Climate Change is the biggest con in world history. They tried Acid rain. Which people saw through . El Ninio was going to flood the earth within 12 years. That was nearly 50years ago. Then we had a hole in the ozone, which was going to suck us all in. Turn the earth into a desert waste land. Now the biggest con of the lot Climate change. Zillions have been spent on this. Zillions of taxpayers money. Only thing scientists have come up with is windmills and windows. Everyone knew 200years ago . Sun shine coming through glass gets very hot. Windmills millers were using wind power 300years ago. So for all those zillions. Which by the way no one can tell you where it has gone. We now in the position of a fuel shortage, caused solely by our leaders blinked ideology og Green Energy. Let us see how many people die this winter through our leaders ideology. They should have their assets sieved and put in prison for crimes against humanity

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