What did you expect? Dan Andrews


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  1. I totally agree with the Greens. We should have more doses of a product that doesnt stop you getting it, doesnt stop you passing it on. For your health no less. I totally agree with that fear based do it or else mentality. I also believe that with the mandates I, like the rest of Victoria, deserve cardiac issues and blood clotting. Importantly, I feel that our tax dollars should go to increase big pharma profits beyond the 42Billion net made just last year.

  2. So Dan is pushing misinformation by saying it's the best way to protect yourself and others, huh?

    Imagine saying that right as your best mate gets Covid for the second time in six months after being fully jabbed lmfao.

  3. Hospital cases are vaccinated people… most lockdown place in the world Victoria OMG 😟🙈 I've never been to Melbourne.. but now I never want to go there… what sort of people are left there…?? Zombie apocalypse 🧟..

  4. Keep punching Dan. The left went hard with their lies and character assignation of many conservatives for the past 4 years. We need to counterattack with honest accurate juornalism like yours mate. Don't stop. They won't. We gotta stick together until this woke thing blows over

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