What does Melbourne REALLY think? – St. Kilda Protest

There were too many beeps in support. I’ll have to upload this in parts.

Full video coming soon as well.


Written by Melbourne Ground


  1. Seriously I don't mind the virus. I am more scared of the governments and the road they chose. We are close to the door of communism more than ever. They use fear to control the public.

  2. Well done all of you! Love and hugs from Raymond island! I'm of the older generation, thankyou for fighting for us, and the next generations! God bless you all! Ps, I refuse to be vaccinated, but if people want to be, that's fine, we should have a CHOICE!! I used to be an ICU Nurse in Melbourne, can't believe valuable, experienced staff are having to leave. Daniel Andrews, you dictator, watch your back!

  3. The only reason I got vaccinated was to protect those who can't get the vaccine. Stop forcing excemp people get the jab. Stop forcing recovered people with natural immunity to get the jab. Let real science set the standard. Not made up standards set by politicians to make them look like there being tough on the virus.

  4. Great protest. I counted a total of 12 idiots. Go do something useful hippies. Everyone beeping is already vaccinated and laughing at you.

  5. Baboon Andrews and vic parliament majority ALL bought and paid for to implement tyranny. His fans are only result of msm indoctrination – no brains required.

  6. Wow . Huge turnout. The pollies will be shitting themselves. Some of the beeps might not be for what you think but the opposite. I'd toot you cos you're deluded.

  7. One thing you must remember is the government have the power and the police and justice system so it is easy for them to take the roll of all powerful and the people that stand against them can be easily removed. Or so they think! The jail's are full! The courts are full and booked out for year's to come. If people don't obey, don't pay fines, don't go to court, don't pay tax, and keep on marching without violence against the government or police there is not much they can do! They can't arrest everyone and if they do it is their duty of care to feed people and provide medical treatment. We the public have the numbers to flood any forces set against us. By doing nothing much at all. It is a war of attrition in a way where if we care for each other and stop paying them or cooperating with them they will fall without a fight. If one person gets arrested and ten more jump in the car with them and say I am arresting myself under citizens arrest you must take me with them as I have committed a crime and you are now responsible for delivering me to the the station for questioning.
    They have to take all of you.
    The 80/20 rule is powerful. It's a general rule not a law or anything like that if your not sure what I'm talking about just look on YouTube I'm sure it will be explained somewhere.

    This is our country for the people by the people in a democratic society.Welcome to Gboard clipboard, any text that you copy will be saved here.Welcome to Gboard clipboard, any text that you copy will be saved here.

  8. We love you and support you
    Don't ever give up my beautiful people ❤
    NO to poison jabs
    NO to corrupt evil authority

    We rebuke you demons
    stop killing people with your poison jabs you can't silence the truth