What Happened to All Those Rioters?

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  1. Harry's personality has changed from his earlier videos he's now so much more relaxed and natural and comes across as a natural podcast host, a brilliant find by carl

  2. Yeah, those Faux Outrage Protests of the Petulant "Morally outraged" – who just so happen to be the most privileged class on the Globe , destroying Western Cities for Fun, Wouldn't have happened in Russia !? . . I don't think was the Intended message of this piece. Like a single individual being escorted away from talking to Western Media in Russia is WORSE ??? What, you'd rather have Portland Riots than that ?? >> LOL.

  3. Good to see here in the UK, violence won't be tolerated. 14 years…. fortunately our criminal justice system isn't as politically compromised as that of Oregon or Washington State yet.

  4. I'd be interested to know what an American black inner city 20 year old would get if he was convicted of any of the offences the BLM rioters were sentenced to.

    I'd guess that if a black 20 year old smashed an officer on the head with a hammer or if he firebombed a civic building then he'd get a much longer sentence.

  5. Man throws IED at government building gets taken to trial 9 months in a halfway house . now lets have a look at how long J6 protestors have been detained without trial and they didnt even explode any bombs . Could there be some Bias in the American court system ? no not really

  6. What logic behind those Portland sentences, indeed. The guy pointing a gun at the head of a 7-11 employee gets 7 1/2 years, but everyone who assaulted police gets away with a mere pittance. I guess that's an initial result of 20 years of marrying down the food chain.
    On the upside: if I held up a blank placard in front of No. 10 right after one of Boris's greenwash speeches no one could arrest me in this country because I haven't actually written anything offensive on it. Yet everyone would know it's a serious protest. I like that idea.

  7. I seem to remember that when other police froces in the state were aked for reinforcements, they told the governor to take a hike. She/the Dems created this problem and they could solve it themselves. The guys from the red countryside weren't interested in taking care of the blue city problems.

  8. up untill the guy with the hammer was riddiculously under sentenced ..
    7.5 years for smashing up a church while a insanely dangerous IED thrown at a gvt building led to about 2 years .. the guy who knocked out and after that kicked the face in of that unconscious person .. got 10 years too little ..

  9. 10:45 deterrence doesn't work trough making an example of people .. people have to assume they will get caught and will get punished .. if it's very likely you get scots free .. no matter how harsh the potential sentence is .. will not deterr people ..

  10. The 14year sentence will equal 7years due to the sentencing rules where 50% tariff reduction is standard, however, the problem this guy will face when released is the difficulty in getting work, oh dear what a shame.

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