What happened to the money?: Reporter reveals almost none of $40B Ukraine money actually made it

Almost none of the $40 billion from the Ukraine aid package has actually made it to the battlefield, reported Newsmax correspondent Chuck Holton from Kyiv, on Monday’s “Wake Up America.”

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Written by Newsmax TV


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  1. This is starting to look like what happened with all the money with Afghanistan and that place don’t look any better and joe Biden just made all that progress go in the opposite direction

  2. Where is hunter??? He needs to pay my taxes 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️⚓⚓⚓🐬🐬🐬🦈🦈

  3. Most of that money will be paid out over time till 2031??? How long do they expect this war to last? And what happens if the war stops tomorrow… I see this money going into someone's pocket over those 9 years it's supposed to be paid out over..

  4. I said it before and I will say it again, my guess is MOST of that 40 BILLION will be diverted and funneled right into the pockets of the DNC and the corrupt politicians that voted to send it over feeding American babies!

  5. The UN needs to step in and squash Russia. Get our die should be the message. Next arrest and try Putin for war crimes. This was an unprovoked war. How can the UN stand by and let Russia do what they swore to protect against?

  6. It's not our job to reimburse any country that helps out Ukraine who's reimbursing America? You know how stupid that sounds of course the Democrats came up with that one cuz they're not for America they're just funneling out the money probably hiding it for themselves

  7. WOW the money got into the pocket of the demoncraps party leadership like anyone actually thought this dirty government was actually going to let the money get to the Ukraine we all knew that joe Biden and Nancy pollution and Chucky shoemer and kameltoe Harris will all be putting the money into there own pockets

  8. It's being delayed by O'BRANDON, because it hide's the BURISMA BRIBERY AND EXTORTION EVIDENCE ON HUNTER AND THE BIG GUY. It's the usual lies and virtue signaling. It's being done on purpose.

  9. Looking for a lawyer
    When I returned to China on March 26, 2016, I was defrauded of $200,000 (according to the exchange rate at the time) by the police from the Beijing Dongcheng District Public Security Bureau in collaboration with Bank of China and China Telecom. After the incident, I reported the incident to the Dadong Branch of the Shenyang Public Security Bureau. After they recorded the incident, they let me go back to the United States immediately, they said: don't wait, all the Internet fraud cases have not been solved and asked me not to tell my relatives、friends and anyone.
    I made an appointment to meet with a lawyer at 10:30AM, but the door of the house could not be opened. After the locksmith paid the inspection, the lock cylinder was broken, and the cracks were brand new. I checked the video of the community and no one ever came to my door. On the way to see the lawyer, a police car followed。
    The lawyer said: It will take some time for the public security to solve the case. The bank should compensate the defrauded money first, because the bank system must call the customer to confirm the transfer before each money transfer, and I have not received the bank's confirmation. Confirm call. The lawyer said with confidence: he can help me recover the money and asked me to sign the contract at 3:30 pm the next day, but the lawyer called me at noon the next day and said: he will not do this case, he cannot help me,sorry, Then he hung up without waiting for me to say anything。
    I borrowed 30,000 yuan from relatives ,and 10,000 yuan left it at home and lost 6,000 yuan. I checked the community video and there is still no record of strangers entering my house。
    After a while, I found out that the neighbor diagonally opposite had rented her house to the police. The police were moving out, and they stopped renting. More than a dozen people who moved were wearing police uniforms.
    I kept the defrauded notes and records and the transferred $200,000 Chinese bank passbook in the safe of a certain bank in the United States. In October of this year, I found that these two important evidences were lost, and nothing else was missing from the safe. only these two important pieces of evidence are lost. I haven't given anyone the key to the safe, who can open my bank safe? ? ? (I remember that the bankbook records that a sum of money was transferred to Bank of Shanghai.) Shenyang Dadong District Public Security Bureau has a copy of this passbook.
    On 11/1/2021, I emailed this matter to several congressmen through yahoo mailbox but could not send it out.
    I was hit by a car accident on 11/15/2021.
    After reporting the case, I repeatedly asked the police handling the case: where my money was transferred? The answer is: it may be the Philippines, it may be Taiwan, or it may be Africa. Internet fraud is rampant in these places. They use high-tech means to intercept the phone number of the public security bureau and pretend to be a police officer。
    I asked again: whose name was my money transferred to? The policeman surnamed Ba replied: That's someone's privacy, can I tell you?
    Question (1)Can liars in the Philippines, Taiwan, and Africa speak fluent and authentic Mandarin? (2)Police officers speak in a special professional context. Are these liars also graduated from police academies? (3)How can scammers in the Philippines, Taiwan and Africa get a copy of my passport and put it on the official website of the Chinese Prosecutor's Office? After the fraud was successful, my passport was withdrawn from the official website of the procuratorate? (4)How can swindlers in the Philippines, Taiwan, and Africa be so powerful that they can paralyze the phone confirmation function of the banking system when I transfer money?
    Not a liar pretending to be a police officer!
    It's the police pretending to be a liar!
    Further details are omitted due to word limit. The above incident was officially filed on 3/30/2016, the case number ending in 30118

    Briefly describe the process of being deceived:
    On March 26, 2016, I returned from the United States to Shenyang, China, Beijing Dongcheng District Public Security Bureau on the 27th (forgot the policeman's name, I said above that the records of the incident were stolen in the safe, I remember he was the captain, it seems The surname is Liu, let's call it police A) on the phone and said to me: We searched the ID cards of many people in the home of a congressman of a certain Shenyang city, including yours. You are involved in a major economic corruption. In this case, we need your cooperation in the investigation. I: Inexplicable! I never knew any National People's Congress representative, I hung up, he called again, I hung up again, then, my phone was shut down by the telco, and about 2 hours later, police A called me again : We shut down your phone just now. You must cooperate with our investigation. Otherwise, you cannot leave the country and return to the United States. We have frozen your bank account. From now on, your phone must be turned on 24 hours a day and cannot be turned off. Here are three options for you: (1) Come to our Beijing Dongcheng District Public Security Bureau (2) go to a police station in Shenyang City designated by us (3) If you can't access the Internet at home to our designated hotel (This hotel is very close to the Shenyang Dadong District Public Security Bureau where I reported the case) (Because I have heard that there are many cases of telecom fraud in China, I repeatedly called 114 to verify that the phone number on the caller ID is indeed from the Beijing Dongcheng District Public Security Bureau, and there is indeed a policeman named Liu)We connected the Internet and tried the case online. After we got to the hotel and turned on the computer, police A introduced me to police B and police C and said: Tonight, the three of us will try your case together, and then he gave me The official website and login password of the China Prosecutor's Office, the photo of my US passport was on it after I entered and they called me a suspect in the case, and they asked to enter my bank account for reconciliation verification. The next morning I found that my bank balance was zero. In the middle of the night on the day I reported the case, I called the Beijing Dongcheng District Public Security Bureau to find Police A. A lady answered the call: He is not on duty tonight. The next morning I called again to find police A, B and C, and the answer was: they were not there, police A was on night shift at night, police A answered my call at night, 100% was police A who defrauded me, But he said he didn't know me, didn't know what I was talking about, and said: You have been scammed by telecommunications, hurry up to the local public security bureau and report the case.
    Looking for a lawyer

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