What Happens if the Dollar is No Longer the Global Reserve Currency?

Brandon Gill outlines the three benefits the US enjoys as a result of having the dollar as the global reserve currency. Is that era coming to an end?

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Written by Dinesh D'Souza


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  1. This video is clearly a vicious and bias attack on China.
    What does China system of government or internal politics has to do with it's international commodities and currency?
    This is a narrative that the West has choosen to down play and degrade the Chinese global successful and dynamic performance.
    This video shows clearly the deep hatred, jealousy and media bias with no contex to truth.
    For this reason, I will not be watching this channel again.

  2. Brandon Gill, Dinesh D’Zousa is very well grounded, a good looking fellow, very well educated and am sure, an excellent husband to his lovely daughter as well. It makes a lot of sense to stop the world reserve currency from becoming insignificant at first and pathetically worth less than nothing. Vote RED to at the very least slow down the liberal radicals from further destroying everything our forefathers has stood for and rebuild our position in he world.

  3. As NPR has previously reported, the film "2,000 Mules" falsely implies that True the Vote's data were so accurate, they led to the arrest of two suspects in the killing of an eight-year-old girl in Atlanta. In reality, the group acknowledged that it did not provide any law enforcement agency any information about the case until months after two suspects had already been indicted.

  4. Democrats are just as if not more Authoritarian than communist China. If they hold the White house & Congress for 4 more years the USA is done. But to accomplish this dem's will need 20,000Mules/election.

  5. If you are leaving PAPER US DOLLARS out of your analysis then you’re doing The Globalists a huge favor. They love it when the spotlight stays off The PAPER US DOLLAR. It
    is the tool which is used to manipulate market conditions, either vacuuming 💵 out of circulation or injecting 💵 into circulation. The Fed just reacts
    to this trick of The Invisible Enemy.
    Trump Money with
    demurrage (holding charges)
    will save the day.
    Discussions about declaring demurrage (holding charges)
    on The US Dollar would take forever.
    💜 TRUMP
    Angel NicGillicuddy

  6. The explanations were pretty good but the more basic reason is it creates unnatural demand for the $USD which supports the value. Other countries have to first buy $USD in order to purchase global resources.

  7. China holds over $900 billion is US treasuries and has been quietly dumping them to prop up their currency. At some point this quiet dumping will escalate and inflation will soar here and they will be exporting their inflation to us.

  8. Another detriment is the billions upon billions of dollars floating around the world as reserve currency will become useless in international trade and so will all come home driving inflation through the ceiling.

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