What Happens to Germany With Russian Natural Gas Cut Off?

What will happen to the German people and economy if Russia cuts off their natural gas? Germany is trying to prepare for the worst case scenario of Russia not turning back on the Nord Stream 1 natural gas pipeline. “Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom has declared force majeure on gas supplies to Europe to at least one major customer starting June 14, according to the letter seen by Reuters.”
The Nord Stream 1 pipeline has been under scheduled maintenance since July 11th. The pipeline is scheduled to come back on line on July 22.
Before the maintenance, the pipeline flows were reduced by 40% because of a turbine that Siemens sent to Canada to be repaired. Canada at first refused to send the turbine back because of Russian Sanctions. Canada has now agreed to return the turbine to Germany.
Gazprom, has said that they can not guarantee that the pipeline will open because they do not have paper work proving the turbine will be returned.
This has the German government trying to prepare for the worst.
If the Nord Stream 1 gas is shut off, Germany plans to ration energy and implement measures to get through the winter.
These measures include using coal, lignite, and encouraging people to chop down trees to use the wood for heating their homes. They also want people to shower less, wear more layers of clothes and drive less. There will also be warming centers for people to go to if their house is too cold.

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  1. Great video! Your calm sarcastic demeanor with those images really crack me up lol. Guess Germans can bundle with multiple partners this winter, good for them as it will help their population lmao. Putin please keep sanctioning NATO your gas!!!

  2. The aim for a long time is for the US to supply Europe with LNG. Its also another reason to control Syria ,to prevent a pipeline to Europe from the Qatar LNG field.

  3. America cannot stop and will not stop this WAR because Russia is going after the USD, that is what this WAR is really about. Who else try this , yes Muammar Gaddafi and we all know how that turns out for Gaddafi. Thing is America cannot invade Russia as they did Iraq / Syria / Afghanistan / libya so there only move is this to use Ukraine as a proxy war against Russia, that is america only move and Russia knows. Russia knows every move America will make because Russia knows the reason and the motives behind america and NATO being in Ukraine. Its like you have a bully in your school and for years you watch as he bully other students even tried it with u a few times and one day knowing your strength you said enough is enough and you retaliated, Now the bully realized he's getting his ass whoop in front of the entire school (world) and decided that he would rather to die in battle than accept defeat. America is willing to let this world burn before accept a Russian defeat, so its gonna be a cold winter for Europe and a very high cost of living for the rest of the world because America is going all out even if this takes years 😒 .

  4. The real question is "What happens to Russia when the cash register stops ringing"? How much territory will they cede to China for a bailout, cause nobody else will give them 💩

  5. You are absolutely correct they are doing it to themselves trying to force Russia to allow nazis….. really look at Putins reasoning. It won’t affect Russia because they just signed a huge contract with the middle eastern countries

  6. This is going as planned for America they don't want Germany to join China's belt and Road Initiative and Germany being integrated into a market of billions. Germany has a much better anti poverty policy than America does the Germans don't blame the poor for being poor just imagine how much more money. Germany would make if it had access to all of Eurasia and Asia with UK and USA totally cut out? Sorry Africa you are toast. They are going to come for you.

  7. Germany could simply switch Nord Stream 2 pipeline on but that would upset the US since the US wants Germany to buy their gas instead of Russian gas.

    Absolutely hilarious behaviour just for the sake of sticking it to Putin.

  8. Germany, make your own choices, look after your own people and call Putin.
    Stop this crazy sanctions and let your economy grow.
    Do not listen to Ursula von den CRAZY.
    Do not listen to Biden, he's on his way out.
    Boris Johnson is on his way to Uganda where he organized homes for refugees.
    Schultz will follow if he do not listen.
    The Zelenskyy curse is on them

  9. I cordially invite all Germans to come to South Africa and jump your winter in the Southern Hemisphere. You can bring minimum clothes because it is going to be nice and warm, and we have plenty of sunshine, delicious food, nice beaches and wildlife. See ya then. PS: we also have internet for you to catch up on some work if you want to.

  10. What is completely astonishing to me that NATO and the European Union has not demanded the United States to start producing oil and natural gas and coal at record levels the simple fact is the United States of America could fill most of this Gap very quickly but Joe Biden will not do his job when is Europe going to wake up when is America going to wake up start demanding the us to start producing energy immediately

  11. That’s right- Germany really stuck it to Putin! Putin must be crying everyday for what he did to Germany.
    On the other hand the Germans will be the very first country to really feel the “Great Reset”. They can be very proud of themselves for biting the hand that feeds them, while they freeze. The other thing they can enjoy while they freeze is to know that their “carbon footprint” index will be much improved. This is excellent because it will compensate for China who will still be burning as much coal as they can.
    So intelligent, those Germans!

  12. Russia played the entire EU at their own game!!😂😂😂😂 How’s your SANCTIONS on Russia working out for you Germany? Hope this WINTER WILL BE THE COLDEST ON RECORD!! Once the protests breakouts, EU will BEG for gas like hookers on streets

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