What happens when you say things like this?

Clare Daly
Promoting security in the Middle East: Debate

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  1. The problem in this diatribe is "WE". No NOT "WE", Corrupt governments and corrupt corporations driven by greed. Who have and are mistreating their own people. These governments and corporations must be brought down. Of course there is the U.N., WEF and WHO to deal with.

  2. "We're going to have a war on terror!"

    "What does war create?"

    "Erm… terror."

    "Excellent! So you're having a war against the consequences of the actions you're involved in?"

    "Yeah, but ours is good terror. Good, peace, freedom-loving terror… Sort of like 'Terror-lite or 'I can't believe it's not terror'. "

    Steve Hughes

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