‘What have you learnt about yourself?’

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Written by Carl Vernon


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  1. This guy is a textbook fraud and is an expert on literarily nothing. Anyone knows even a little bit about early history of Microsoft and operating systems knows what a punk this guy is.

  2. Vampires can not self reflect and hense would be unable to cast a self reflect..ion. is an oddity to those who remain aware of others wants needs and desires. His disdain for.the whole mundane affair of lullabuying the eaters is showing. His hoods are also sagging..along with his breasts…but..I pee when I laugh so
    Carry on
    Where is his PIC? the village cycle..with the abyss he stared to long into? I do not like this man. I do not like him Sam, I am. My names not get the gist. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. "The People" are responsible for people like bill gates. Its time to forget the laws constructed by criminals. Humanity has an obligation to remove a human that's blatantly destroying humanity. But we sit back and allow such a small percent of the population its laughable to own and control everything including us, even after knowing they are thinning us out to make it easier for them. We deserve everything that's coming.

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