What is a Black Swan Event? Can You Prepare For It?

What is a Black Swan Event? We keep hearing this term being thrown around and it’s very definable. We have had black swans happen in history and they have huge ramifications on the economy. Can you prepare for a Black Swan? I cover it all here. #BlackSwan #Prepare #Economy #IAllegedly #InterestRates #EconomicNinja #Tesla #StudentLoans #AirTrafficControllers #evcars #Webull #Stocks #Investing #Gold #silver

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  1. Students Loans should NOT be forgiven! I graduated in 2007… During the last recession. There were NO jobs. Every company was laying people off. I never got the first job experience and it forever effected my resume. Never used my degree and it took years to pay off the debt. Im successful now but I have busted my butt and got creative!

  2. I could have done a 4-day workweek. Easy. Or work from home standing on my head with excellent performance. But SEIU Union and County Government Management wouldn’t allow.

  3. In regards to a flexable work schedule my staff are happy happy happy! When I made this change 2 years ago the sick time down signicantly. And work production went up.

  4. Dam Dan, If you think that beach is packed then you need to come over to Clearwater Beach Florida and see what crowded really is. I'll send you a pic the next nice weekend. 😂

  5. Dan, you should do a video on the growing water crises that is facing SW USA. All of your videos are made in SoCal where they seem to be willfully blind to the crises around them. Let’s see how expensive these neighborhoods remain when their taps run dry and swimming pools dry up. If local leaders actually told the truth about how critical the water shortage is, people and economies would panic. So, they keep on believing everything is just fine. Until it isn’t. 😕

  6. My father born in 1916 with an eight grade education always told us “You can’t take in $1.00 and spend $2.00. He was a debt free dairy farmer and lived through the Great Depression. I can remember him saying that people committed suicide in the cities because they didn’t have anything to eat. Prep, prep, prep.

  7. This is not a "black swan" event apparently you didn't read the meeting agendas for the World Economic Forum at Davos. Remember when we are not part of th meeting it probably means we are on the dinner menu right?

  8. Dan, Every one got the 10% story wrong because they didn't read that it was for SALARIED employees NOT for all employees, Also, the story went on to say the factory workforce was going to be increased due to demand! READ THE WHOLE STORY FOLKS!

  9. My work was consulting I made my contracts for 4 days weekly and there months vacation yearly with pay and split
    Si I had 6 weeks Xmas and six weeks summer to have kid fun. You make your own path they life. I also hadvfull med and 2% of profit..

  10. Hi Dan, The government is force feeding EV's down our throats and they are not being honest about the true impact to the environment. I will continue to purchase and maintain a gas powers car into the foreseeable future! Thanks for the great information today.

  11. I believe they did put unleaded gallon in the cpi data. However, it showed a 5% fall in price which was true on the commodities exchange but we all saw an increase at the pump. This is when the cpi fell from 8.5 to 8.3. This is all pure greed, the CPI is BS its wholesale prices that are not being passed on if they go down. If petrolium was based upon oil price per barrell then the profits of the company would not go up 5 fold, thats control and greed, not passing on costs to consumers. Remember, that gas price and adjustable rate mortgages were the last nail in the coffin in 2007.

  12. hey, dan. my dad raised five kids as a carpenter. i, the youngest, born 1965. mom did not work. anyway, so dad worked hard and raised us five kids. no, i know so little about the stock market and lala. still, why was it till a year ago that i found out about blackrock?

  13. Ah Dan. So you've had a conversation with Travis. I bet you got an excellent education on cryptos. I don't expect to see so much negativity about crypto on your channel anymore. God bless.

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