‘What Is A Woman’ Banned As Hate Speech | Ep. 1017

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00:00 – Opening
01:52 – ‘What Is A Woman’ Banned As Hate Speech
15:10 – Memphis Under Siege From Dangerous Criminals
24:08 – Project Veritas Reveals Dangerous Senator’s Motives
30:10 – Snapchat “Accidentally” Gives Dems Advertising Stats
32:35 – Peppa The Pig Goes Gay
37:57 – Rings of Power Cast Members Label Their Audience As Racists
42:24 – The Comments Section
50:42 – US Monkeypox Coordinator Is Canceled

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, my film What Is A Woman has been deemed dangerous hate speech and banned by a major internet platform. But how can it be hate speech to simply ask a question? Also, Memphis is terrorized by a mass shooter who had just been let out of prison. A Democrat senate candidate’s absurdly racist rant is caught on tape. Peppa Pig goes woke. And with its latest addition, the Biden Administration continues to resemble more of a traveling circus than a presidential Administration.

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Written by Matt Walsh


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  1. So Americans, if the ccp starts marching down our streets, rigging our elections, ruling our businesses and controlling our government …yeah if, AND they will give you or your family a "better deal" because you are a Second Nation you would not want, believe it just or fair due to your once upon a time Nation status? Ok…remember that "logic"

  2. "[White people] get 'out of control' and you have to 'treat them like children'…" 🤨 Excuse you, Sweetheart? What do you treat the Baboons running the Congo like? Or Somalia? Or Sudan? Or Ethiopia? Or Nigeria? Or [insert virtually every other nation on the second largest continent ON EARTH]?! 😆

    You're welcome for virtually the entire modern world, Honey! 😏

  3. I think I finally understand the issue.
    They, the left, can't tell you what a woman is. So therefore it stands to reason why they think men can be women and women can be men. They probably call it common sense. But its nonsense.

  4. Having seen the 'movie', I would say the vast majority of people you asked the question to…..showed the remarkable age of maturity of eleven, and were not capable of handling mature adult conversation. Some, if not all, claimed to be college educated….when obviously….they weren't.

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