What is Behind the Establishment’s Opposition to Hydroxychloroquine?

Anecdotal evidence from doctors around the world suggests that anti-malarial drug #hydroxychloroquine might have a key role in treating patients with the #COVID19 #coronavirus. Why would the media and scientists want to delay this admittedly experimental treatment when thousands of people are dying every single day? Can we wait for the end of clinical trials on this?

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  1. They need this to continue, to plague the people and ruin their lives, and they need to do everything they can to make trump responsible. People like this have rationalized mass death long ago this is nothing to any of them.

  2. Well, maybe because it is useless against Covid-19?

    It is proven now and nobody takes about it anymore, because you idiots fall for the talk of a scammer who tried to sell you snake oil.

  3. nevermind the fact that the wife basically just murdered her husband with it. He took a full dose, she didn't. She orchestrated it and it was not the first time she tried to kill him.

  4. So, as usual its more complicated. First of all, the choice usually isnt between dying and taking this medication. For a lot of cases, you wont die, but you might if you also take this medication. Also, there have been people self medicating with the drug when they didnt need it and died. Of course you cant control people making bad decisions, but there is a more proper way to publicly talk about medical advice. Trump is certainly allowed to talk about the drug, but he just doesnt talk about it correctly, and lots of people take away the wrong message. He should do what most smart people do and have a medical professional tell him what to say, but he just likes to talk out of his ass.

  5. So, anyone who wants to get actual research over the use of this drug from a legitimate source like peer reviewed studies from January through April 20, 2020 –

    The latest in from this peer reviewed study "Hydroxychloroquine Has about 90 Percent Chance of Helping COVID-19 Patients"

    Maybe Jeff should stick to the low hanging fruit of jilly juice, anti-vaccers and faith healers.

  6. Look, if any cures were found it would f-up the plan. The plan is for vaccinations. If they find a cure, then the vaccination plan is out of the window. Get it? That's why google and twitter censored that publicly traded company (AYTU Biotech) for the device they came out with the other day.

  7. I know people in Hungary, Austria and Brazil …all MDs sick who took it and all got better. I took the same medication years ago before I went to Amazons for anti-malaria.

  8. French research was bogus with excluding dead people from results.
    Fuck china and fuck estabilishment but this drug is necessary for other diseases and its on shortage because people hype bought it up.

    Its fair to question trump. He says he is not promoting it but he said "take it what u have to lose take it" as authoritarian figure whose every word is eatrn up by uneducated masses. And there is nothing wrong about being uneducated until u start self medicating.

    Btw i do agree. Take it. But acting like president of a country recommending yolo taking a drug isnt stupid is disengeniuous.

  9. You really don't do research, do you? Do you ever read more than the abstract? I mean, it's been well established for years that your attention span is barely 5 minutes, but this is ridiculous. Do your research for once rather than just going "Trump said it, so it's good" at everything.

  10. Anyone else find it hilarious in a sad way that when we heard of someone dying from drinking fish tank cleanser to cure corona we all assumed he was a liberal before we even knew the media was calling him a Trump supporter? And even after hearing that we still assumed he was actually a liberal who hated Trump and that the media was just lying through its teeth. Turns out the media wasn't lying except that he didn't really "drink" it….

  11. Yes, it is definitely better to have something rather than nothing. The problem is this drug is not risk free. There are some very serious, potentially fatal side effects to hydroxy-however you say it. We can't just start taking drugs willy nilly, they need to be prescribed by and administered by doctors and it needs to be done carefully, not just because someone found it in a drug store and want to try it.

  12. 3:45 "So it's not fun, it makes you feel sick" The listed side effects of any medication are not at all guaranteed or even likely that you'll experience them if you take the medication. They are simply POSSIBLE side effects. It's not just hydroxychloroquine, all prescription medications come with a list of possible side effects.

  13. Thank you for confirming that it was a right decision to unsubscribe a year ago. This is what your narrative has become – bullshit peddling. If you don't like science-driven medicine, and side effects like heart problems is a "blah-blah-blah whatever" to you, then find a time machine and go to middle ages. You'd fit right in. Being ignorant about drug testing cycle is totally OK, what is not OK is flaunting your ignorance with a smug face and use it for political statements.

  14. Christ, it’s a miracle Trump has accomplished anything at all given the overwhelming amount of opposition. His opponents would rather let society fall apart than allow a policy that would make him look good.