What Is Bill Gates Up To? w/Max Blumenthal

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  1. James Corbett @ The Corbett Report has a really good series on Bill Gates and his family. After watching I think you'll get a better understanding on what's to come.

  2. Thank you for doing this. Though, whether Gates was involved or not, there is growing evidence of the virus spreading via "lab leak" – draw your own conclusions there. Anyhow, watch how a France 24 host tries to attack Vandana Shiva – who, unlike Gates, is speaking on her own field, mind you – when she points out how Gates is working with Monsanto to undermine Indian farmers.

  3. The lithium and cobalt… Bill Gates investments in the Congo… And the drive for all the world powers to seize the new gold is a race. Check it out. Please. Speak up after doing so…

  4. Gates has always looked like a frightened little tadpole cowering under the shadow of his 6 ft 8 dad, a domineering figure who likely was not impressed by his nerdy wimpy boy. BTW, Bill Sr. was a well known eugenicist

  5. Do you want to know what Bill Gates is up to?

    It's all about HIS equation:

    C02 = P x S x E x C


    C02 = Carbon Dioxide Emissions

    P = World Population

    S = Services per Person

    E = Energy per Service

    C = CO2 per Unit Energy

    There is only one thing that can be reduced to lower CO2 emissions and that is the amount of people. The reality is, from the entropy and thermodynamics perspective, humanity has made S, E and C as about as efficient as possible through technological refinement – meaning that science is unable to make the services and the energy used any more efficient – we've nearly reached the best efficiency; there are only marginal gains to be had.

    Thus, the only variable left in this equation to be reduced is "P" – which means people. And that means the 7.3 billion of you who are not in the 1% of the 1%.

    At current rates of consumption, the world will run out of fossil fuels by 2060's but they don't want you to realize that. While a shift to electric cars and alternative energy makes you "feel good" and that "they have you and the planet's best intentions at heart" the reality is come around the 2060's, there will not be enough fossil fuels to turn into fertilizer to feed the projected 9 billions of people.

    This message is harsh but it's a reality the 99% must address.

    This was a message from The Rogue Nemesis

    (ex Navy Nuclear Power Sailor)

  6. Nope, I don’t think Bill Gates is trying to make a buck here. However, his motives, even if good, are irrelevant: rich people should not have more political power by virtue of their wealth, and nobody should be allowed to get that rich to begin with. Moreover, good motives do not equal good ideas. Well meaning people can cause a lot of harm inadvertently.

  7. J Dore,
    Since you & M Blu berate both
    'the big guy' & "T" ; makes me scratch my head, who is it that you would vote for or what person out there, in your mind, is best equipped to be our president??

  8. Why not just refer people to James Corbett's excellent Who Is Bill Gates ? documentaries. Maybe you dont know about it. (right) Yeah, worth watching along with your GZ content, except he doesnt fail the 911 Truth test, but whatever

  9. Covid-19 is a Plandemic-Scamdemic!
    The tests are fake and the death rates are FAKE.
    Good grief people are stupid.
    Bill Gates is a monster and so is his butt buddy Fauci.
    Max Blumentahl has some things right but he's wrong about Covid-19. Bill Gates is using this Scamdemic to sell his poison vaccine.
    Anyone getting the vaccine is just a part of a giant science experiment and maybe worse.

  10. Gates planned this years ago. This is his baby that’s why he’s involved. He’s on record as saying ten years ago that this will be the decade of vaccines.

    World Economic Forum, Gates Foundation and John Hopkins had an exact simulation of a Corona virus two months prior to the first case in Wuhan, called Event 201. They gave out souvenir Corona virus plushies.

    Check out their website. They used the same narrative as they did the actual pandemic. Then the same groups involved with the simulation managed the actual pandemic, The WEF, the Gates Foundation and John Hopkins.

    Event 201 is a smoking gun. It’s like someone saying they are going to kill someone and the that person ends up dead.

  11. Sorry Jimmy, but if ads didn't take from worker wages,while I won't skip them, I don't have to hear them, but ads are paying middlemen not workers. The more business model doesn't help workers, but pays skimmers..

  12. The big problem is that a commodity that every human requires makes some asshole very powerful if only for having gained without knowing shite power from money that can hurt so many people.
    Max, the India glitch was due to a formulation, not Gates himself. You need to point this out.
    Gates studies from others showed a few major common and thus preventable diseases of the 3rd world was killing so many infants, so his idea of vaccinating them all was due to the fact that modern countries failed to suffer these deaths from the common illnesses because of basic vaccinations they, you and I, get. Jimmy Carter has the same idea basically and the Guinea worm from water that blinded kids, has been virtually wiped out by Carter's actions from vaccinations. YES, I know because I donated to Carter and got a newsletter tracking his work being done, and sure may be propaganda, but still if kids are suffering less by Carter's actions.

    Read other sources about Gates, as there are lies and halftruths about Gates being spread. I say this because most people who watch Jimmy knows he's honest and Max I'm surprised he's not investigated more closely.

    Fact is we want every issue to be like wal;king into a room and hitting the light switch to be able to see.but science sometimes takes much longer, but sadly lawyers and folks who want to lie about science itself. potholer54 channel is a good source, he actually looks at the available evidence, about COVID and climate science(he's a former Geologist).

    Gates is how EULAs were created, and his competition was like Bayer is today with pharmaceruticals, Bayer buys up the generic companies and then charges brand prices instead, as fewer and fewer generics are made competitively.

    I'm not cheering for Gates, because Microsoft ran as a monopoly, and ran a lot of businesses out by buying them. Systernals, for example. Also to program the 'compatible' PCs, they all still mimicked Apple's McIntosh, so any programs written for the PC ran into Windows basic DOS, so far embedded into the coding that was considered proprietary by Microsoft. IBM in making its PC with parts off the shelf used MSDOS.sys and IO.sys, copied from IBMdos.sys etc THINK of it every PC until only recently ran Windows and Apple exclusively, and Apple is still proprietary more so than Windows. LINUX is a godsend,but even it requires finagling, or more of us would toss Windows.
    So buying an OS for yous PC isn't yours except to use as they see fit. Who knows what's embedded deep in the code, since a bit can make a difference, and why checks are done constantly, CRC, etc
    Computers are pretty stupid, when next you wait for your PC, imagine when it's sitting there waiting for you to command it to do something, likely a lot longer, but then it's having to insert wait states to be idle, but always slicing off everything it does because it is so quick. As we wait with it operating, servicing its Interrupts, a table of them, NSA isn't asleep.

  13. I use to watch 60 minutes for info but now with stories like gates on the show, it is only there for investors, that's why bill gates is on 60 mins. The show is there for investors and nothing more.