What Is Going On In Australia? Bonkers Ruling Makes Facebook Users LIABLE For All Comments On Posts

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave discuss a new ruling from Australia’s highest court making social media users legally responsible for the comments under their posts.

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  1. I thank you for highlighting the issues Australians are now being faced with. Thank you, for we in Australia are no longer allowed to say anything. Any criticism of the politicians can be fined as well. We are now just another state of China.

  2. Other platforms out there! Gab, Odysee, telegram…freedom of speech !
    Unlike Facebook .
    Facebook put me in jail for a photo of a Bell’s palsy vaccine injuriies.
    And anything about election recount, censored!

  3. We've started to see comments turned off by organisations after a brief period due to them not able to monitor comments after that time, likely due to the administrative resource this requires. Very odd.

  4. The censorship ruling is bonkers .. the fact that you find Australia's response to Covid objectionable reveals how insane and conspiratorial Rising has become. Australia asks people to remain home after testing positive to Covid, that's not controversial. 677,737 dead Americans versus 1091 dead Aussies(14,183 on a per capita basis).

  5. The recent high court ruling will be squashed on appeal. The other points you brought up are a total misrepresentation of the facts. The requirement to call back in 15 mins is strictly for people who test positive to Covid and are quarantining at home. This is to ensure people don't venture out into the community while infected. What is wrong with the Rising?

  6. There are political prisoners in Australia.. they want only what the government says is the only thing that can be said.. they're after anyone who is anti over reaching government

  7. Australia is actually the success story in the World Communism agenda to use the man-made COVID-19 virus as a PRETEXT to remove personal freedoms across Western civilization. All other Western nations, especially those with a resistance force of non vaccinators, anti-BLM, anti-cancel culture may escape this direct fate. Communists China is the puppet master since they knew of Dr. Fauci's work in Wuhan and have exploited it. Meanwhile Dr. Fauci's betrayal of America has caught up to him and Republicans are seeking to hold him accountable for his role in the COVID-19 'scare' weapon.

  8. The current Australian Government is the most incompetent Government in Australian history. Scott Morrison makes Joe Biden look like a political genius.

  9. The High Court of Australia made this ruling based, apparently, on precedent. Remarkable that the same institution "discovered" an implied right to political communication in our constitution. Perhaps they have a life cycle like coral, a free living stage when they can discover life and wisdom in the water column and a sedentary stage when they settle on a substrate and never move again.

    To be generous, they may have made the ruling with the intent of forcing Parliament to legislate a better model. Given the chilling effect of our already draconian libel laws, I won't hold my breath.

  10. I like the Australian law up to the point where the poster of the content can be held liable but commenters to that post should be held liable for their own postings.
    Use the same law, and if the comment section has some racist or otherwise liable content then hit them for it, but hit the commenter and not the person that posted an article for their comment. That is unjust but if you get hit for a comment or post you make, all the power to Australia.

    They should have looked into what the UK has done with this sort of thing.

  11. What do you expect from Australia that keeps voting in conservatives to power who are science deniers and homophobes and anti-abortion and wants no part of anyone daring to criticize them which is why this ruling hasn't been challenged by the current conservative government in power.

  12. People, you as an individual have no rights in democracy. No right to defend yourself, to make justice when possible, to decide over your health, your education, etc. Etc.
    Start questioning your role in a democratic society, and you will find your only role is to work to pay taxes to keep the totalitarian system alive, while year after year you have less and less freedom.

  13. Reminder that the vac pass is the digital ID. The digital ID is the social credit system. The social credit system is total control of our behaviour, activity and purchases.

  14. I’m Australian and live in Sydney which has the worst lockdowns, them taking away alcohol is definitely not true and this thing were you have to show your face within 15mins on a app I have never heard of and I doubt is true, the rest of what you said is true