What Is Nancy Smoking?! She’s Living On ANOTHER PLANET.

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  1. I can tell you the over inventory issue IS largely due to the supply chain issues from last year. Walmart paid out the butt too private ports to get their merchandise off the ships and all that Christmas merchandise that had been stuck out at sea has been flowing in over the past few months. Couple that with inflation it's all gonna stick around for a while.

  2. 8:32 Protein prices going up… might have something to do with more and more processing plants …and distribution centers going up in flames it's up to 100 now? There were a few the last couple of days.
    OR it could be all the smaller trucking companies closing up shop because they can't afford the fuel AND the insane doubling of insurance rates this month.
    We live in wild times.

  3. 140% debt to our GDP is the cause of it all. It's pure shit governance. The only quick answer to it is higher taxes and a serious cut to government services. People in the federal government should be taking a pay cut not getting raises.

  4. gas prices started to climb when biden shut down the key stone pipe line, and stopped oil company's from drilling, Then went to opec to get oil,,

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