What is the nature of this consensus (Julie Ponesse & Bret Weinstein)

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Bret speaks with Dr. Julie Ponesse who saw her academic career of 20 years fall apart after she refused to comply with a Canadian university’s COVID vaccine mandate.

Dr. Julie Ponesse has a PhD in Philosophy with areas of specialization in ethics and ancient philosophy, a Masters in Philosophy with Collaborative Specialization in Bioethics from the University of Toronto, and a Diploma in Ethics from the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University.

Since then, Dr. Ponesse has joined The Democracy Fund as the Pandemic Ethics Scholar focussing on educating the public on civil liberties and has recently released her new book My Choice: The Ethics Case Against Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates.

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  1. Everyone has their area of knowledge and with that come responsibility .
    Like I would not expect a mechanic to know biology , or a nanny , or a carpenter , a logger and the list goes on but all of the above people are essential to keep. civilization going .

  2. I've been asking the question for more than a year. "Why are the experts I follow likes Drs. Weinstein, McCullough, Malone, Battachyra, and so on, not as valid as the experts like Drs, Fauci and Birks and the various others speaking on CNN and MSNBC every day?" The doctors I follow are every bit as knowledgeable and educated. Bret hit the nail on the head.

  3. I'm part of a group of friends that have shared information from early on in this propaganda circle jerk. Brett and Heather played a positive part in our information gathering and backed up much of what we found. None of us took the shot. We are now learning what a great decision that was. I tried to educate others around me about the dangers of the vaccine and the absurd notion that the masks were of any use other than a bad breath recycler. Most people would have none of it. You could quote studies from respected sources and they always came up with idiotic excuses as to why the mask worked or why the vaccines were safe. I was even mocked by a couple of them. I'm convinced that most people have so little understanding of science they can be convinced of just about anything no matter how ridiculous. I'm not a scientist but curious enough to find the right answers. This whole Covid mess has taken away most of the faith I had in people. There are way more sheep than I ever imagined.

  4. The UN, in 1993 agreed to Agenda 21, 196 countries. The same agenda that Gates Foundation(276 million)and the USA "donated" 11 billion to. That agreed to population control, data collection, media control, public experimentation, "research institutions", and land/resource control. The same leaders that owe the Fed Cartel.

    The Fed Cartel controls inflation, every world leader, every politician, every country is in on the pyramid scheme. Only 3% of currency has real value. They create money from nothing, loan it to your leader, for a "bond", the government puts it in a bank, the bank keeps a small portion( around 10%), then the bank takes the rest of the loan and create a "reserve" digital copy and now that amount is doubled, you borrow that full amount and deposit it into your bank, the process repeats it's self(10% kept in reserve). Every deposit creates 9x that amount out of thin air. The new money steals value from the existing money supply. For the total pool of money is being increased irrespective for demands of goods and services. The result is inflation. Inflation is essentially a hidden tax on the public. The Fed's main banks are Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank Of America. So if you do not support the pyramid scheme, simply boycott these banks. It will deal a massive blow to the Fed Cartel and the leaders that are getting over on you.

  5. Yes! Pharma has spoken through our loved ones. Propaganda included public announcements in stores. It has been surreal to me. Soon in my area masks will not be mandated. What kind of virus attacks when you are not wearing a mask shopping but stops when you are eating? Why does the virus not pursue you the day after the mandate is lifted? People with mild covid symptoms who have not been vaccinated are just lucky. People with mild covid symptoms who were triple jabbed believe it would have been more serious if they were not vaccinated. Because it is impossible to know what would have happened with no restrictions the cost of our ruined economies, delayed medical procedures, social isolation and unequal treatment of businesses will never be known. I don't know how harmless or harmful the vaccinations have been. I only know not taking them was a trust of my critical thinking.

  6. While I agree informed consent is vital, I am unsure the education system in the U.S. is designed to help students build critical thinking abilities. Sadly, failure is the new norm and we must find a way out of this new reality of feelings being more important than truth.

  7. Think of pharma as the ugliest warthog with the most attractive lipstick. That lipstick is their enormous, well funded and pervasive marketing machine, and the warthog is an unconscienable IG Farben 2.0. As far as 'convincing governments', given pharma's deep pockets that's trivial. Public-private partnerships have been a major enabler of regulatory capture, and professional organisations like the AMA have finally revealed their true purpose: to sell out their membership in the hour of greatest need.

  8. Yes, trust the drug dealers. The ones who make stronger and stronger, more and more addictive drugs. Also some that are nearly impossible to get off to because withdrawal will cause heart attack or blood clots etc.

  9. If there was honesty up front on anything covid related we would be in a much better place. Take the "vaccine" for example. If they would have been honest and said this is an immunity booster that will help prevent serious illness and some may need multiple immunity booster shots to stay protected I think more people would have bought in on getting the shot. Instead we were lied to and told this is a vaccine that will end the pandemic. Once that was proven wrong all credibility was lost.

  10. The question we should be asking is, “how can regulatory capture happen on a global scale”
    Are all the leaders either completely corrupt or terrified of being labeled a conspiracy theorist? Don’t we deserve better than crooks and cowards?

  11. Please get vaccinated folks. We're not yet over this and it's important to avoid conspiratorial thinking and take advantage of the privelege of easily accesible, safe and free vaccines. This isn't something all countries have access to.

  12. Jordan Petersons comment Julie relates here, about critical thinking skills to analyze life situations, being analogous to having not just a well equiped Tool Shed but ALL the right ones & maintained to proper specs – sharpened, ready to work well – beautiful & oh so true !
    But so many of the white coat, credentialed brigade – I call them "Expertologists" are NOT practical people who leave their 'Ivory Tower' long enough to join the rest of us in the Real World, open their 'Toolshed' and humbly choose the proper, well maintained tool….

  13. "Benevolent billionaire"? Talk abt an oxymoron! FYI.. There's a certain set of character traits required to become a billionaire & benevolence isn't one of them.

  14. If you didn't tow the Communist Party line you were labeled mentally ill. Same corrupt principle, agreeing with the Party makes you and expert, disagreement renders you unqualified.

  15. I am NOT resistant from learning from history. I am greatful that my parents taught me that learning from history is paramount to resist from repeating it. I learned much less im school than I learned from my parents who had practical experience and critical thinking.

    NEVER underestimate that you are the primary source of teaching for your children. My parents didn't outsource my education. I am greatful. ( also, they taught me that experts are often prideful and can't see their own blindshots. That I shouldn't idolize them )
    God rest the souls of my beautiful parents who equipped me to live in the fallen and sinful world. They also sent me for a Christian education.

  16. A YouTube channel called RUPTLY has been taken down by YouTube, saying "this channel can no longer be seen in your country", of all countries, America. RUPTLY posted videos of World Citizens protesting All Around the World against vaccine efficacy and mandates. Beware World Citizens, World Leaders don't want you protesting efficacy. Out of sight, out of mind. Freedom of Speech is still being Violated in America and the World, along with Human Rights.

  17. Life insurance companies 100% have the data of death pay outs in every comparison of data year to year, past years, ethnicity, age,country to country etc.
    They will show a huge increase in deaths even well above virus deaths, and shocking death rate of vax ed victims,If that data is not buried .

  18. Trump/President/Pro Vaccine (Pharma)
    Ted Cruz/Senator/Law/Pro Vaccine (Pharma)
    Rand Paul/Senator/Medical/Pro Vaccine (Pharma)
    Major Republican Representative's are Pro Pharma.
    Pharma is in Control, with and without Democrats.
    The Great Distraction.

  19. It has amazed me how many people I know that are friends and educated people that got on the ride and looked at me and my husband thank God like we were crazy and uncaring

  20. Coercion is consensus – ignorance is strength – war is peace. I suppose we may as well say goodbye. Here comes a candle to light you to bed, here comes a chopper to chop off your head.

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