What is the RCEP? | CNBC Explains

The signing of the world’s largest free trade deal has given China significant influence in Asia Pacific, which could shape the region’s economic and political landscape for years to come. CNBC’s Tom Chitty explains.


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  1. RCEP的中心是越南,簽約的地方也在越南,簽RCEP不只是為了免關稅和貿易利益,對中国而言還有穩定周邊動亂的意義,因為經濟發展需要和平,而美霸近幾年前,就不停動用各種媒体、武裝、輪子教各式各樣的東西試圖在中国周邊製造動亂,企圖複製科索沃戰爭、英阿戰爭,不過中国忍耐力強,沒有被美霸挑動,只剩弱智阿三国、澳洲在亂而已,RCEP最大的作用在穩住南海各国,避免他們這些国家的領導人失去理智,挑起戰爭,對中国而言不是只有經濟利益。

  2. Asian countries economic integration is responsible for a new wave of acronyms like RCEP, TTP, APTA. Would be nice to watch something about their similarities, differences and implications.

  3. Lol just watch Economics Explained. He gave the inefficiencies from a Multi lateral agreement of lacking accountabilities of the participants to their commitment unlike in a bilateral agreement that is more focused. I think this was discussed under his topic on Donal Trump. Just check out Economics Explained. I find independent creators of patreon more informative than CNBC

  4. The meaning of RCEP in layman's terms. Investment from China, Manpower from China, Materials from China, your natural resources to China, your debt turns to equity, and your country sold to China. One Belt One Road All Road Leads to China. Beware of China investment the creator of foreign debt trap policy.

  5. It is a good move to show the western world that the Asians are not to be pushed around and underestimated. They want to trade with asia they should equally respect the Asians and stop their racist rhetorics and mindset!

  6. I am so happy my nation didn't participate in it otherwise our markets would have been filled with low-quality Chinese products killing local businesses.

  7. It's amazing how America's domestic politics eliminates any chance of strategy in foreign policy. Specifically, RussiaGate/Ukraine meant Russian sanctions and driving it further east. Then, to appease AIPAC, the US pulled out of the JCPOA and went maximum pressure on Iran, which simply strengthen the SCO. Then, of course, America First and the pull out from the TPP. Finally, the sale of nuke subs to Australia and the formation of AUKUS is fine (although we won't know for years whether the UK and AU can pull their weights), but not at the expense of isolating Europe, especially on the eve of Merkel's retirement and formation of a new Germany coalition.

  8. I am Malaysian and I believe We can be the most competitive economy in the World with vast diversification, prosperity, and inclusivity. Economic sustainability can be achieve if We stand together, stronger, with Malaysia 🇲🇾

  9. The only problem of China Japan South Korea free trade deal is, to many Japanese and Korean officers were committed “suicide”.
    In the end, Japan and Korea will retrieve war right, only then China will have a free trade deal with them.

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