What Must They Think?

What must the abusers think about the permissiveness of the British government?

This video was made for the Hearts of Oak #AllGirlsMatter rally in London on the 1st Aug 2020.

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Written by Akkad Daily

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  1. I don't understand people.
    I'm no tough guy, but I am a DAD.
    No man would do that to mine, and have me then pass responsibility for Justice, to a system of Justice so clearly broken.

  2. My mother was simple and right. "Cut off all their balls and send them back to Pakistan!" Couldn't agree more. Prison is far far too kind for these scum dogs.

  3. "what must they think?" That Britain is weak and you have no convictions when you speak.
    This stuff makes me so very very angry. I cannot believe a country like Britain is sitting there twiddling their thumbs while pedophile rings rampage in their country. "Oh this is fine"

  4. This is not just a joke comment, this is real, this is happening:

    I am the guy that reported Jonathan Unive to the Royal Canadian Mountain Police and the FBI as basically an active pedophile looking to sexually abuse children at that now thankfully, due to me, failed pedophile pool party.
    I am just laying out what I belive God wants me to do next:

    Criminally prosecute the fake news…
    […including social media moderators that act as publishers, not an open platform, about what news gets out, regardless of what their guidelines say, which are kept deliberately vague, in the false hope, that they can raise up false and defamatory news that they approve of, while silencing news that is true, but they find offensive and/or debunks their worldview…]
    …for the federal murders in these riots, for their parts in the decades of fuel, ie ignorantly deceived hatred, and shifting responsibility for political reasons, which lead to these riots, murders and upsurge in the spread of COVID 19.

    They are the reason why these people are allowed to get away with this to the extent that they do, because of political correctness tieing the police from protecting innocent people against evil people like these.
    I am no perfect person, but I believe that this is what God wants me to do.

  5. Rape should be automatic deportation and castration for any 2nd offender if the rapist is female then she will be chemically castrated and take hormone blockers.

  6. Exactly….I’ve often wanted to hear how these total human faeces would talk about this country’s attitude.
    There bloody laughing.
    I wonder if they would still be in this county if they were preying on our politicians children.

  7. Lol, you Brits are laboring under the delusion that your Government gives a shit about you..
    The only thing that interests the British government, in fact, their main goal is your replacement.

  8. Why are the Lefties not mad about this too?
    Is it really ONLY because they don’t want to be Islamophobic?
    It seems like an issue which would be right up their alley. Especially the feminists.
    Seems a little bit like some kind of a Rape Culture to me