‘What Percent Of CDC Employees Are Vaccinated?’: Cassidy Grills Walensky At Senate Hearing

At today’s Senate Health Committee hearing, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) asked CDC Director Rochelle Walensky about her department’s vaccination rates.

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  1. Have you criminals read the BOOKS, “Goodbye Germ Theory” and “The Contagion Myth; Why Viruses (Including Coronaviruses) Are Not The Cause of Disease”? Of course you have. That’s probably why this comment will be deleted by YouTube

  2. March I'll have been over covid 2 YEARS….. no shots, nothing. You do NOT get it again. I've been back at the gym a year and a half. Never once wearing a mask….. this is ALL investor profit… look it up.

  3. This whole virus is a big scam for pharmaceutical to make money and have control. I know more than 100 people who had covid
    and all survived from it. They are scaring people with false claims and cases. Worst part is 80% of the entire population have
    gotten the shots, congrats you injected with a NON-FDA approved product. Doctors, Governments, and Companies are all
    in on it.

  4. Do they also have information on all the people that work with the public? Maybe since they are so worried should they test the people serving or working with the public and the cooks in restraints have TB, hepatitis, aids or any other diseases? They are allowing people to come into the country with leprosy and unvaccinated or measles, mumps and chicken pox?

  5. Just hire actors… or robots!!! Anyone wonder why automobile design hasn’t changed in 20 years! Except the CHEVROLET CORVETTE!!! It looks just like a FERRARI!!!

  6. they don't have documented proof of even one isolated case of covid19 anywhere in the world!!! Look what happened in Alberta Canada and Malaysia and some other places. look it up!

  7. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, you have a family too. Try to look in the mirror whether you & other CDC officials are telling the truth regarding the safetyness of the vaccines. As what God says – be genuinely truthful. If anyone of you are not telling the truth, the blood of the people who died bec of Adverse Reaction will be all on your head & it will be passed down to next generations of your family line. God never fails. He already made provisions of judgements regarding sin of men. When sin is fully blown, judgement & death is inevitable. God Almighty never tells a lie. When He said it, it will happen.
    The gates of hell shall not prevail against God. JESUS already won the Victory. Fear God & keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man.

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