What Pfizer and the TGA didn’t tell you

In the Australian Senate, on the 2nd August, I spoke about the biochemistry surrounding the vaccine and how little it is understood.

I had only 10 minutes to deliver my speech so I was a bit rushed – I needed much longer.

Regardless, it goes without saying that Pfizer and the TGA need to be much more honest and transparent as to just how little testing was done on what is a completely novel drug.


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  1. Jesus bloody Christ Gerard, what have they done to us? . Some of my family is vaxxed. I’ve been worried for two years and it gets worse. You spoke really,really well Gerard and you possess a good brain.. Mike

  2. I better download and save this one, it will be taken off shortly.
    If millions of people develop cancer in future it would not surprise me if government,s decided to try and blame 5 g and wi-fi haha

  3. Great work senator. They cannot deny the reality we are in for too much longer…too many ambulances on the roads everywhere – all over the world. People in Melbourne suburbs seem to want to ignore the matter completely. I think there may be issues for the government in enforcing any more boosters??? Many people say to me that they have 'had enough'!!! They are starting to see.

  4. Talk about Monkey Pox and who is the most infectious and why. Why is the media not telling us about it.
    More fear and lies from the media and these bought and sold politicians.
    Thank you for speaking up

  5. Sir, thank you. the M in relation to the experimental gene therapy does stand for modified Mod-erna, that company that was funded by the US Army to produce this bio weapon. in our bodies it stands for messenger.

  6. This senator certainly had done some home work regarding this subject, but isn't a pity that this poor senator appears to be stating the case to no one. Not only that but it looked like the deputy president was on his phone texting. Another good look from our Parliament.

  7. In UK Health Minister Savid Javid , when challenged by a ICU Hospital Doctor , for his Mad Rush for everyone to take The Booster and to Vaccinate all Children he replied “ I’m following the Science “ and sped away before the Doctor could reply, which implies that the Doctor the Doctor was not

  8. Thank you Senator .❤ How much clearer can we get. And many people are still asleep. Everyone is responsible to be educated in this, before you allow something being put in their body. Especially experimental.

  9. Please, just for your safety, put out a video saying you are of sound mind, and are not depressed, you know what I mean… Thanks for this truth. xox

  10. And the Government continue to lie. They care nothing for Australia and the Australian people. A great big thank you to Senator Rennick and others like him that continue to fight for the truth in a world filled with deceit.

  11. Like Greg Hunt said at the start of last year about the vaccine rollout here: “the world is engaged in the largest clinical trial ever”. Based on announcements from Pfizer, they did the R&D, manufacturing and testing of their mRNA vaccine for a supposedly new/unknown virus all within the space of 8 weeks. That is simply not possible. And yet, people still believe their BS 🙄

  12. Anyone vaccine injured should hold those responsible to account. Choose one of them and let them know yours and their fates are now intertwined. What you suffer shall be delivered upon them by your hand or someone loyal to you. Let them know they will not live a day more than you if this vaccine is your undoing. Anything less than this will ensure that it happens again.

  13. This is absolutely what the TGA should be telling the Australian population. How can anyone make an "informed decision" without knowing this? Thankyou so much for speaking out.

  14. So what's next for us Australians? Ignore all scientific facts which were censored intentionally by these oligarchs? How do we stand up and fight against corrupt government institutions? Corrupt legislatures? These actions of the TGA is a clear violation to human rights and the very definition of committing treason! Yet we see no blowback, no riots, or "peaceful protests 🙄" as everyone did over ONE simple drug addict in America…LIKE SERIOUSLY WTF 🤯

  15. People who where naive to follow governments order to get vaccine already dead sooner not later.
    You can not win over those governments cryminals.

  16. I'm am so grateful for you Senator you have dedicated all your time in learning the ins and outs and giving the people a voice in parliament on these jabs. Thankyou 🙏🏼

  17. Better explanation than many of the biochemists on your side . Thankyou for the fortitude you've displayed in this abominable corruption of the scientific method & to record it for the future who will look back in wonder at how this happened

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