What the DISASTER Jobs Report Means For Joe Biden | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar break down the key statistics from the underwhelming November jobs report and what they could mean for President Biden going forward

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  1. There are some that blame the infusion of trillions into the economy. Partially true. Largest part of those trillions went straight into corporate hands with no strings attached. The few checks the vast majority of Middle and lower class immediately put into circulation.

  2. I don't have any data to back this up, but I recall that after the crash in 08 and the subsequent years of economic recovery, almost all the jobs that were added to the economy were low paying service jobs. Those jobs suck and nobody likes them, so it shouldn't be a shock that the population is rejecting those now that they have the chance

  3. I stopped working last June. I got lucky and made some money on crypto so I'm sitting out this pandemic for now. I have been sort of looking for a part-time job on the weekends just to get me out of the house, but I have to tell you that the job market is shit right now. Only low-paying retail and service jobs are available at the moment. I haven't seen anything better than an office assistant in my area. This economy is garbage and I feel bad for the millions who are desperately struggling right now.

  4. Democrats fundamentally do not believe in work. They're influenced by the far left who thinks sitting on your ass and collecting a paycheck is more important than working. AOC literally harangued thousands of Amazon jobs out of her district. You think these people are clamoring for people to go back to work?

  5. Good that you pointed out the reasons why the unemployment rate dropped – Too many people are deciding to live on "the dole" and forego any effort to work.

  6. There is almost no one working at my grocery store now. Thank goodness for self checkout. They ha e completely given up on getting carts, they just send people to go ask other customers if they mind giving up their cart.

  7. Krystal….when will you be reflecting on the conflict between the pro-worker positive effects of a very tight labor market, particularly at the bottom, and your position on very open borders and pro maximal-bottom-of-the-labor-market immigration policy.

  8. "There's a lot of men and women out there who would love to be around there kids. ..that's not me, I think I would go crazy"

    Why even have kids then? If the idea of spending more time with your children makes you cringe and say it would drive you crazy, maybe you aren't cut out to be a parent?

  9. Yeah, previous report was 235k added , I only found on one news site, the very next day they changed to 550k added and all msm extremely happy. They were saying the economy humming back. Thank you explaining what's really going on here
    Also no msm mention of black Fri and cyber mon, cnbc to their credit did a short report of less than 2020 numbers for now.

  10. The Household and Labor surveys vary in their trend and it is important to understand why. When they track each other, or one falls behind or ahead of the other it is a clear picture of formal vs self employed labor. While progs focus on formal with min wage and union fallacies/fantasies, it is self employment that is the liberator in every way. An IRS review will show self employed and C corps, as you are now learning personally, pay the vast majority of federal income taxes. As you are learning personally, a business or a corporation cannot pay a tax, only a person can. Therefore, what then should be a pro self employment platform? Private SSI, Medicare, current private health and dental, education etc all liberated from you people that want govt everything. That self employment is unlimited and really should be supported by replacing income with regressive consumption taxation. Open the doors above people instead of assuming poverty is a necessary and important to pay for condition. You pay for it, you get more of it … DUH!

  11. Many families had a second worker to be able to afford big vacation trips every year or big entertainment activities like movies or plays which are just not available any more. Why work when the opportunities to spend your money aren't available or worth the extra hassle that it used to be. Also during much of my career I had to work a 2nd job to be able to afford these opportunities and with salaries up why do it, so not working a 2nd job also looks like someone has left the market place and not returned.

  12. why tha fuck would anyone want to do these jobs anymore.. they are first to close, vaccine mandatory, risk exposed, underpaid and last to receive any support check… they should all say FU until minimum wage is 20

  13. I’m beginning to wonder if Saagar is a moron. This disease causes permanent organ damage, dementia, diabetes, and a number of other permanent health issues. We CAN’T just give up and live with this endemic disease. The crushing load the infected will place on our healthcare system alone could break the economy. We must force everyone to be vaccinated and stay vaccinated to put out this fire, and anyone who refuses should be detained until they submit.

  14. California is probably benefiting from the government oppression during the pandemic because Big Tech is located there. Democrat cities also host Big Pharma except for those located in foreign countries.

  15. Only Democrats are directly to blame for all the COVID related negative results:
    The economy, less jobs, depression, suicides, riots, increased crime rates, NAZI-esque gene therapy (misnomer: vaccine) mandates, etcetera. 🤓
    #DemExit is the Progressive solution! ✊

  16. Its kinda gross we have imposed the male value system on society as a whole. We shouldn't view career slavery as an objective virtue. Arguably the most important job in society is childcare and binding the family unit together. Government should be bending over backwards to support family formation and procreation.

  17. as a hotel maintenance tech with 8 years experience. I'm tiered of making 13$ an hour to be a security officer/plumber/electrician/customer service rep/ furniture mover/dry wall tech/ H vac tech. and losing my job every 2-4 years because the hotel changes ownership(they have to finally start paying taxes) new ownership saying your going to make 9$ an hour till you prove to them your worth it. never again. id rather starve.

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