What The F*ck Did He Just Say?!

If the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission, and according to Joe Biden “the pandemic is over” then why are teachers still being fired for not being vaccinated? And could the upcoming midterms have anything to do with it?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The coming war will be orchestrated by the fuckwits to pit jabbed against unjabbed, and you will all fall for it. People are too ignorant to what's actually going on. The last two years have been designed to divide people. The jabbed in arrogant ignorance will find it hard to admit they were wrong, the unjabbed in their smart assed superiority will be blamed for all the ills, and no one will blame the fuckwits. 911 all over again.
    There's no justice there's just us.

  2. Makes a change from Sleepy Joe saying Goo Goo, Ga Ga… I want my rusks & milk… So much misinformation & confusion over Covid… the majority have no faith in what Government & officials say anymore… They’ve pushed us all too far!… Make you wonder what scams there are possibly cookin’ up for us next… Were already getting hit with sky high inflation & food shortages on top of the fallout from Covid . Where’s the Damn integrity gone in this World… Id rather have the unvarnished truth anytime weather it’s good or bad news.. Because then at least you know where you stand… It’s seems again they are wanting to create derision & division through Vaxed & Unvaxed people… turning you against your friends and neighbours & family members through having differing opinions on Covid… Irs the damn ruling classes & elites who we should be all getting “The Needle with” if you’ll pardon the pun… Let us unite against them & not one another… Stay safe everyone 🙏🏻🙏🏻👍…

  3. This problem isn't only unique to America. I am a Welshman who emigrated alone to Canada and dedicated myself to public service as a form of thanks to the citizens of that country for allowing me to be there(legally). I signed up for the BC Wildfire Service, I injured myself in that service. Then during my recovery was told I wouldn't be allowed to return unless I got the shot. Which I would never do. My union which forcibly took a cut of every one of my paycheques, didn't stand up for my rights. My partner at the time was let go from Healthcare for the same reason. Meaning we both had no means of feeding her kids. Tell me how any of this is for the benefit of society? Making children go hungry because their parents didn't subject themselves to an experiment. It's sick. And evil in its purest form.

  4. Just casually sit in front of some random reporter and release the fact that the pandemic is suddenly declared over.
    Great if so, but that's how you tell the free World as the supposed leader of it?
    Wait to be asked that question.
    Oh yeah, by the way, that little disaster that we made worse for over 2 years, oh yeah, that's right, it's all over now, yeah thanks for asking.. Fair Dinkum.

  5. Just absurd this is happening in a “free” country. Fired for not taking a vaccine that has shown little evidence to prevent the transmission of a cold.

  6. Words matter and the usage is dangerous here.
    Pandemic = globally spread pathogen (at least it once was)
    Fascism usually means socialistic fascism but the socialist and communists uses the term as Marx used it; capitalistic fascists.

    There's so much trickery with words going on.

  7. The in$titution$ and $y$tem$ of humankind has peaked and failed. Plans by the elite$ to "save" humankind in order to $ave them$elve$ are being rolled out.

    – Look Pa$t the Veil –

    – There !$ no $poon –

    – Follow the Money –

    – Do no harm, LOVE ALL –

    – Altruism –

    – Circular & Sharing System (Resource & Needs based Economy) –

    – Hi$tory Ha$ Come Full Circle –

    – Keep it SIMPLE –

    Love VS Hate

    Unity VS Divi$ion (We VS Me/You)

    Symbiosis VS Viral/Predatory

    Acceptance VS Tolerance

    Community VS $tate$/Corporation$

    Natives VS Inva$ive$

    Equity VS Equality

    Stewardship VS Con$umption/Con$umeri$m

    Regeneration VS Extraction

    Needs VS Want

    Education/Liberate > How to THINK VS Programming/Enslave > WHAT to think

    Remember, Nikola Tesla (AC) invented to provide the world with FREE Energy VS T.Edi$on-GeneralElectric&J.P.Morgan-We$tinghou$eElectric (DC)/E.Mu$k who had/has different idea$ and motive$. The top dominating/ruling over the bottom! Kings-Subjects > Masters-Slaves > Lords-Serfs > Owners/Directors/Bosses-Renters/Workers. One war/struggle throughout history and ONLY one! Class warfare/struggle! All else are distractions!

    Care not what they $ay (especially double-$peak), instead, watch what they do.

    When all the land, property and utilities on the monopoly board are $napped up, the bank is broke along with all the other players and the whole game is done, what's next? Who will the poor eat? CONtrol. – You Have NO Choice – George Carlin – Your Rights Are An ILLUSION – George Carlin – The Sad Reality of This World – You Have No Choice ft George Carlin – George Carlin on Freedom of Choice – George Carlin: The Illusion of Choice – George Carlin – You have no rights

    Don't mistake voter fatigue for voter apathy. NOT at all, the same! It's not that voters don't care. Rather, voters are sick and tired!

    Stop participating in the old and build a new! For a new to arise/be born again, the old must either be uprooted or be allowed to collap$e and die!

    #VoteNONE #SpoiltVote #ProtestVote #VoteIndependent #MovePastTheLesserEvil #SystemsChange #WakeupEverybody #QuestioNTestEverything #FxxkLabelsNSides

  8. As someone who got vaccinated 3 times and did everything I could to mitigate the spread of Covid, I still feel angry at people who refused to get jabbed and needlessly spread the disease. And as for people who refused to get jabbed because they fell for conspiracy theories about chips or becoming magnetic, well, they are just beyond stupid. Folks, get your information from science-based sources and not from some site you saw down a rabbit hole. And definitely don't get it from Gazzer down the pub because he's an uninformed moron and doesn't know anything.

  9. there was a quote i saw someone say about the clot shots that stuck with me and I believe it needs to be repeated for u guys, "there are many vaxed ppl who have had terrible reactions, and these people regret getting the shot(s) in the first place, no one unvaxxed has regretted NOT getting the shot…"

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