What The F*ck Is Going On?!

Nancy Pelosi appeared “RuPaul’s Drag Race” over the weekend to express her support for the drag community – and encourage Americans to vote. This, whilst the ban on politicians buying stocks stalls in Congress. Still, Drag Race eh!
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. It reminds me of the packed house in UK parliament when they were voting on if they were allowed to have second jobs. I see barely any politicians acting like public servants.

  2. Abuse of power is so common place these days, that it borders on being banal.
    We keep letting them pretend to care, while we pretend that the world isn't collapsing around us.
    I would even hazard a guess that a far greater percentage of people are FULLY aware of this blatant deception than one would believe BUT too scared to admit that they were completely fooled, so instead say absolutely nothing & hope for the best.
    I have been an optimist & a realist in my lifetime, but honestly, since lockdowns began in March 2020 here in Australia, I admit I have lost pretty much all hope of restitution for mankind. That's not to say that I see NO hope for the future at all, it does however mean that I no longer believe that humans have the ability to untangle themselves from this web of greed.
    Far too few see through the deception & far too many are easily led, bred to obey, comply & go with the flow.
    The rich have gained far too much ground, using TV as a weapon, yet most of the population are completely unaware. They use our empathy against us & bait us with our fears, turning everyone against each other & we let them do it all.
    Sadly enough, I'm sure the elites are fully aware that what they're doing will ultimately lead to the total destruction of civilisation itself, but either;
    • Don't care
    • Somehow actually believe that their money & power will save them from the same fate.

    Unfortunately wealth is a poor substitute for intelligence, even when those with $$$ believe them to be one & the same.
    The tendency for psychopathic behavior in those who hoard money is compounded by the rich keeping it amongst themselves, so to speak. Only breeding with like-minded individuals, is tantamount to inbreeding, which has lead to the creation of the super psychopaths. Lol!!
    But seriously, after generations of inbreeding, they no longer have the ability to actually empathise in any meaningful way, but instead have learned to mimic this behaviour for their own purposes.
    I'm not over dramatising this either, this is where we actually stand, right now, in the world.
    Psychopaths run the world &, even though there are far more of us than them, we WILL NOT do anything meaningful to stop them.
    The only way out of this is to let this unfold naturally, accept the apocalyptic results that future generations will have to endure due to our complacency & apathy & hope that not too many suffer.
    In my opinion, the planet will be far better off without us, or with a minimal amount of survivors, & I mean like <0.000000000000000001% of our current population, with no industrial knowledge or ability.
    Are we really doing anything good enough to counteract the kind of impact we have on everything around us? We hide from viruses, we vaccinate against them, yet these are natures only weapon against us, accept ourselves. We're just too smart for our own good, happy to watch the world slowly collapse around us, scared to death of dying, meanwhile killing everything else that exists.
    We think of ourselves as the height of intelligence, when in fact we are too dumb to realise that we are the world's biggest disease, we are viral, we are spreading & there is no known cure.
    I doubt many read all of this, a bit too realistic, or fatalistic for most.
    If you still have hope left, I am happy for you. If you are blind though, please just walk away.

  3. I’d love to come to your event on the 10th but it’s my father in laws 70th how inconsiderate of him! 😂 😝Hope you do another live event soon ! ☺️

  4. How about this if you're in Congress you should only do Congress work. From that point on show your taxes. If not than you don't represent the people. Instead of going on some show. Nancy should go do her damn job. She's about worthless

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