what the f*ck?

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what the f*ck?

The Dive with Jackson Hinkle is an American perspective on news & politics which airs daily.


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  1. When things get really bad that ppl riot .That's when the 5G weapons will be turned up .As yourself why with this shortages of goods and money they are ripping road ,footpaths up to put in 5G that going on in the UK is it like that in your country .New lighting system put up but we are short of money .Why not put that money into food stockpiles if your government knows that things are going to be bad

  2. I predicted a year ago that Rumble and all these alternative platforms won't be able to stand the pressure from the establishment and deep state and will start censoring content too. So you'd better find as many alternative options no matter how small they are now and don't rely too much on Rumble.

  3. WEF needs to go down , putin are right. WEF are afraid of us if we rise up we can take them down …. before they kill us all whit bugs ! don´t forget eu they are wef bitches to …. in the danish news they say that india and 2 others are going to ! we are getting killede by the globilist , fuck you biden , bill , klaus and all of your lies ! war criminals … go putin give biden what he needs a good spanking !

  4. My grand father fought in. WW1and was killed defending our rights my father was in WW2 against fascism yet here we are defending a fascist Regime can someone on here please explain why we are defending a fascist Regime in Ukraine

  5. in denmark they send gas help out , but to the wrong people and they cant pay them back , so the gas help are going randoom around. WEF are happy they want us to suffer if we do we cant fight them and we are slaves and they make money greedy bastards !!


  7. Reduce tensions around the world I can dig that, less hate more peace, the great Johnny cash correct me if I'm wrong said so much greed yet so much need… What a man in tune with god. 👍

  8. We (Russians) destroyed western colonial world in 20 century granting freedom to hundreds millions ppl in Africa, India and other places, not in cringe superhero movies but in reality. But our work isn't over yet – Western civilization which developed and progressed via exploitation and slavering the rest of the world for centuries should be fundamentally reformed into harmless, peaceful states like Canada. We won't allow American elites to continue their bio and social experiments over humanity (American biolabs in Europe created Covid-19 hoping it will be selectively killing asians and slavs nations) (LGBT propaganda, destroying traditional values, family institution and Christianity) and continue exploitation of the world in their sick/perverted ways annually invading in countries across the world killing millions civilians just to grab for free resources.
    Now it's time to continue our work on destroying Western civilization by freeing people of western countries from their puppet governments ruled by Americans from shadows. We'll do that in Europe if Putin and God will allow us to do this holy mission on preserving our nation and humanity. We hope that one day the world will be completely free from westerners cancer influence ) Join our cause. It is time to move to Russia.

  9. The only way to get around these corrupted politicians and their handlers deep state Totalitarian communism dictatorship WEF club is to go back to old ways world of mouth, news letters and start to stand up against these globalist terrorist criminals around the world.

  10. do they have free speech in russia? israel?, saudia arabia? north korea?, china? NONE of these countries has free speech, none will allow you to condemn thier leaders or religion. yet you support putin and russia, you are a joke.

  11. It's very much time to stock up with lots of lead etc etc and it's time for a real true patriot ex and current serving military personal's from all levels to step in and rid of all these corrupted politicians and globalist terrorist criminals around the world the people will stand behind all those true patriots. Revolutionary 2.0 is very much needed right now before it is too late. WAKE UP YOU YOUNG PEOPLE WAKE UP THIS WILL COST YOU'RE FREEDOM OF ALL WALKS OF YOUR LIFE DO YOU REALLY WANT OLD PEDOS in the WEF CLUB TO DICTATED TO YOU HOW YOU SHOULD LIVE YOUR LIFE, people like Pelosi etc OLD grandma's and grandpa's to DICTATED to you all YOUNG people how to live. People like pedophiles Klaus Schwab WEF club, BILL GATES, GEORGE SORO'S, ROTHCHILDS etc etc etc to directed to you all YOUNG people how to live etc etc WAKE THE FK UP YOU YOUNG PEOPLE WAKE UP

  12. Maybe Joe is the best thing happened to the planet earth since ever. Time will show. Weakening the USA, affects directly globalists, weakening them, and allowing the rest of the world survive. USA must lose for once, but I really hope America gets back on it's feet soon, in a proper and fair way. And after that let's all hope there will be no war again. Because let's be honest, for the last 50 years, there is almost zero wars on the planet that USA is not directly involved, and mostly started the mess…

  13. …. well the western European monarchies got more than enough money to feed and house and educate the whole world and still remain the richest and wealthiest as it would only require a fraction of their reserves they've been stealing around the world! -now if their people and their supporters are not willing to reflect on these issues than perhaps those poor British citizens are guilty of turning off the electricity and deserve the situation they're in!??

  14. It's a war of propaganda nothing is under attack its all bs and lies. Wtf, don't listen to these liars who have their political agenda. They want you living in fear don't fall it, they are part of the problem not solution. They can take something that's not theirs to take ie, freedom of speech. China and Russia are part of the globalist agenda it's all theatre.

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