What the hell is going on in Leicester?

Tom Slater, Fraser Myers and Ella Whelan discuss the recent violence in Leicester between Hindus and Muslims.

Written by spiked


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  1. Interesting all the racist mugs on here? That’s what Spiked online has become now. Just wait for them to enlist Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson next as writers. Oh and O’Neill still calls himself a Marxist ( apart from when he needs money form the billionaire ‘elite’ Koch brothers).

  2. BBC's on it today, neither "hindu" nor "moslem" mentioned once. *The likes of Tracy Brabin are worth noting: on c4'news' a while ago, saying Lottery funding of sports is bad because she knows people who can't engage then in these activities, because their religion prohibits gambling, & so everything needs to change to accommodate – …… – straight from that horses mouth.

  3. The tensions between Hindus and Moslems are centuries old, way before Colonialism and Partiton.

    What is sad that now promoting diversity with identitarianism is just reviving tensions between people too young to understand what the tensions were all about. It is like try to stir oil and water. It doesn't work.

  4. I live in Smethwick and know this centre. Hindus have lived there since I was a child in the 50s and 60's. They have never been a problem. In the evenings the centre is used by senior citizens who had to lock themselves inside. They must have been terrified. The attackers travelled down from Leicester to attack them. The person who was to speak there was cancelled and the centre apologized and said they cancelled it because they didn't want to offend anyone.

  5. its lies, the British working class tried to tell what was going on and tried to stop it but were mercilessly attacked by the government 20 years ago
    grooming gangs and the hushing up of what's been going on

  6. When you tell immigrants that they don't have to assimilate, and it's okay for them to maintain the petty cultural and religious conflicts of their former homelands, and have commies constantly undermining cultural cohesion and social unity by constantly trashing British culture institutions and labeling all whites 'racists', Hell is what you get. Too many immigrants too fast to assimilate, and one side of politics turning class warfare into race warfare, what is so difficult to understand here?

  7. Just ask yourself why the vast majority of people who can afford it choose to live I mainly white middle class areas. Where I live blacks and whites don’t commonly interact, in fact quite often when we pass on the street both groups look the other way.

  8. Yeah, funny how British soil isn't magic after all. Right? It turns out that people from regressive, hostile, pre-Enlightenment cultures don't become instantly English just by standing on the ground of England. Shocker! Who knew, right? In fact, it seems that they bring their shtty culture, their obnoxious ideas and superstitions with them. Enoch Powell was right.

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